Ferguson: The Top-50 pending FA defenders

When CFL.ca asked me to piece together a Top-10 best pending free agency defenders list, I obliged. Then I started trying to work the list down from a starting point of around 70 high-calibre names. That list became 60, then 50 and at that point I just felt like we were ignoring so many talented players that it didn’t make sense.

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50 – Hamilton Tiger-Cats LB Jovan Santos-Knox
A year removed from playing a key role on Winnipeg’s 2019 championship team, Santos-Knox acclimated himself nicely to Hamilton, showing he can adapt and thrive in multiple situations.

Fact check : Santos-Knox didn't play a down of football for the 2019 Bombers. He signed with Edmonton prior to that season and was injured much of that year.

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Yup . I caught that as well . It's amazing how many mistakes and errors that you see from todays so called Sports Journalists . I honestly don't know if it's just sheer sloppiness or a case of sheer laziness or a little bit of both .

The one thing though that is apparent is that the fine art of fact checking has appeared to have gone the way of the dinosaur .

Oh , and by the way Santos-Knox played for the Bombers in the 2017 - 18 seasons . In 2019 he signed with the Eskimos and just as you said only played a few games that season and was on IL for the rest of it . To be precise he actually only played in 3 games for the Esks in that 2019 season .

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wrong wrong wrong

What's wrong ?

question mark , question mark , question mark .

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His top 10,,,, why more research is needed

Well okay then , let's hear your top 10 .

I have a feeling it will have a strong presence of Red and White in it just like a festive candy cane .


Marshall corrected his Santos-Knox error. Cool, I didn't think the guys who write for the site would bother reading our comments. :+1:

Nice ! Good stuff . :grinning:

Now all Ferguson has to do is change up his top 10 for the MrPonyguy , because according to him "it's wrong , wrong , wrong" :laughing:

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Correct but remember how good he was the previous couple of years in Winnipeg and recall being disappointed he left. He did have a good year in Hamilton but wonders if he wishes he stayed with the Blue and Gold

Mike Rose is young and now the premiere interior dlineman in the CFL...anyone who is paying attention would know that

Saying that he was a year removed from playing a key role on Winnipeg's 2019 championship team is exactly correct. It means that he played for Winnipeg in 2018 - thus a year removed. Reading comprehension for the win.

However, there are a lot of mistakes in articles published on this site! It's like no one there proofreads!

Because his play with Hamilton was mentioned in the second part of the sentence, to make any sense whatsoever, it would've had to have read "two years removed" from "almost" playing a part of Winnipeg's 2019 championship team. Hence, it was fixed for a reason.

How can a guy who did not play a down all year make this list-Larry Dean, but Tre Roberson didn't...how does that make sense? This is a lazy piece

Roberson has already signed a new deal, he's not a pending FA.

thank you for the explanation

You should really pay closer attention to your team there Pony boy instead of relying on fans from other teams to keep you informed :grinning: I will though agree with ya about Dean making the top 50 list . Tis a strange choice indeed .

Lol I knew that..I forgot in my blind rage..still doesn't explain why Dean is on it

Dean is going to be 34 in 2022 and hasn't played a down of football since the 2019 season . I would think that Dean would be closer to the scrapheap pile then the top 50 FA list . My guess is that his career is most likely over . I will honestly be surprised if we ever see him again in this league .

Right...so you agree with me that he shouldn't have been on the list.?