Ferguson: The tangled web of CFL Free Agency

Early in the 19th century, Scottish author Sir Walter Scott put pen to paper producing the iconic phrase, ‘Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.’ If you’re anything like me you’re probably only familiar with the first half of the statement. Never has it been more true than with CFL Free Agency in 2023.

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I can't imagine Fajardo wanting to play for Maas any more than Maas wants to have Fajardo on his team. Maciocia is in charge though (for better or for worse...), and he needs to get his team's painfully slow derailment back under control. I like Dane Evans, but he's not among the starting class of CFL QB's in my opinion. He's a fine athlete, but his headspace tends to be his Achilles heal. I don't see him flourishing under the "leadership" of Jason Maas. Fajardo had a bad year in 2022, but he played on a really bad team. Wherever your allegiances lie, I think everyone can agree that the Alouettes were head and shoulders above the Roughriders last year. I think Fajardo is capable of leading a contender, and I think he deserves that chance. Maas got another chance, so why shouldn't Cody...?

Mass and Fajardo never saw 'eye to eye'.
Wouldn't expect any different in Montreal.

That line has proven to be untrue,in past few months multiple reporters have corrected that,several from TSN as well have stated that was never the case and that Maas was against the Fajardo benching. We assumed it to be true. To the guy that stated Danny M was bringing in Cody against will of Maas is not correct. Maas made it clear he wanted Cody. Howbout everybody stop with the Cody bashing,hes a great QB,check out the best of Cody here

Some of the moves just defy good sense. I start from the premise, that everything being ~equal, you should keep as many veterans as possible - it gives the fans a known quantity to cheer for and a reason to buy team jerseys. So, that said, what's the point of getting rid of Wes Hills, a great RB, to acquire James Butler, a great RB. OR Weineke instead of Elligson, or Montreal getting Fajardo instead of Harris, or (maybe) a western team getting dear Geno to replace Lawler. I could go on, but you get the point. The salary differences are minimal but the fan engagement is major. For Hamilton and Montreal, both making few moves to keep their rosters from last year, you have to wonder if their plan is to spend in FA instead. Makes no sense to me.

And btw, my family had season tickets for a long time in Montreal but stopped going when they traded Etcheverry and Patterson for Faloney and Don Paquette. Don Paquette!??!? Still shaking my head >60 years later. Took 40 years to start following them again. Also btw, you can see me at games in Hamilton, Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto in my Hal Patterson jersey.