Ferguson: The landscape of Canadian quarterbacks

Last week was special and the crazy thing is, that it might not have been an anomaly.

When Nathan Rourke stormed back to maintain the BC Lions undefeated record in 2022 with a 34-31 road win in Ottawa, he confirmed for the third week in a row that he not only has the skill set, but the demeanor and leadership characteristics you go searching for in a quarterback regardless of passport origin.

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Rourke has a full year of pro ball under his belt, a year spent watching & learning from Michael Reilly. Ford won't have that experience to help him along in the chaotic world of EE right now. He'll have to accomplish what he can pretty much by himself, thrown to the wolves, sink or swim, on a team trying desperately to establish respectability. Different roads all right. (did I say anything Marshall didn't?... thought not)

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I feel like the defenses Rourke and Ford have both come up against have been...meh. Good players but just nothing unusual thrown their way. Against Winnipeg and the onslaught of My Two Jeffs (seriously CFL.ca make a prime time sitcom with those two and that title it would be gold I tell ya gold!) along with a decent DB core I think he's not going to have a good night. I still don't think Winnipeg will win but the defense is gonna make it hard on Rourke.

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The Two Jeff Defence makes it hard for everybody. One day we'll have to trademark those two. :smiley: :+1:

And then there's the OTHER guy BC's hiding on their roster... Micheal O'Connor.

He's got a ton (metric?) of upside but we may not see him this season. Next year when the NFL poaches Rourke away from the Lions they'll have to let O'Connor come out and play.

He has impressive U Sport stats but tons of upside is a bit of a stretch. I'm actually surprised BC has him as the backup with how minimal of experience he has.

NR was backup last year. Dont think he had any more experience. sometimes you have to look to the future

So far a good thing we haven't had to see him but we need to get him some serious reps, first sign of a blowout, either way. Showed us some promise in the pre season, more reps needed (I said that already didn't I).

Our backup has never started a CFL game and only has four completions to his name this year (mind you he's four out of four). In his only appearance last season we lost.

Yeah I cannot figure out why more teams aren't looking to experienced QBs as backups with your young guys as 3rd string

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