Ferguson: Stamps won't be swept easily

Twice this season the BC Lions have gone into McMahon Stadium in Calgary and left victorious, albeit under very different circumstances.

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oh marshall i am pretty sure no one on lions (or their fanbase) thinks it is going to be easy lol.

It looks like Woody Baron will be in the lineup for BC's defense this game. I've been waiting for this and now it's only the "Stove" that I wonder will see action this season as well?

If it was going to be easy it probably wouldn't be much fun. :grinning: Besides, BC has Winnipeg on the calendar coming up and they need to keep preparing for doomsday each and every week.

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I’d be shocked to see the Stove this season. An Achilles injury right before camp probably means we won’t see him till next year. :frowning:

That’s probably correct. I’d have to agree.

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yea, shame about the Stove. i was looking forward to seeing him play this year.

I'm gonna just say, the adjustments Calgary had to make with 2 linebackers out has moved their best cover linebacker Thurman into the middle.

Against BC's plethora of good receivers that may be trouble.....

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I agree, but also think the stamps were already in trouble with BCs receivers before the linebacker adjustments, so, troubler-er ??

The front D need max pressure against VA before he can release…BCs receivers will get open, they are perhaps the best right now, need to cut off the delivery at the source…

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Stamps D is a joke not winning anything with this crew
Not to mention a backup quarterback that stinks and will be below 500 after tomorrow
Perhaps then little Davey will admit he blew it (again) and put 19 back in

Stamps will win.

[quote="Paul_ste_marie, post:10, topic:81140"]

Stamps will win.

BC will win

Funny if it’s a tie.

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Yeah pucker up Ferguson, Bo Levi will be the one with the clipboard.