Ferguson: Shining a light on the defensive pending FAs

With the holiday season suddenly in the rear view mirror, despite my toddler son continuously believing we should watch The Grinch and The Polar Express on loop until CFL Kickoff in June, most people have completed their most hectic shopping experience of the year.

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I really like these breakdowns. I am sure the general managers appreciate your hard work and have their own versions of this. Well done.

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So if Willie Jefferson is making $225,000, what do you pay Lorenzo Mauldin? Shawn Lemon?

The bar is often set by what the top players sign for. When Bighill signed for around $150K a couple of seasons back, that set the market. Assuming Jefferson signed for the same amount as last year & assuming he is still the big dog out there, that is going to be close to the price point. BUT Jefferson didn't make the final cut on the league All Star squad or the CFLPA All-Star squad. So it's debatable if his value is what it was. Not to say he's not a special player.

So guys like Orimolade, 27, & Ceresna 28 will likely want more. Some teams will likely overpay to get them or drive the price up for the current club. They have been good for a few years now, though Orimolade has had injury issues. Maudlin is 30 & had a career year. So, is he for real? He's kind of come out of nowhere. :sunglasses:

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I guess "shining a light" is for those that can't just read the free agent lists.