Ferguson: Ranking the free agent RB class

Stability has replaced excellence as the Stampeder mantra. Don't worry - I went thru hell in Winnipeg. A massive parade of mopes coming thru town almost every year or two. Lots of promises and pre-conceived enthusiasm but mostly failures & fan misery.
Fans are resilient creatures though. We persevered. I became the first fan in Bomber history to be called out by a CEO/GM (Lord Lyle Bauer). A bit too much inquiry about Lord Lyle's salary (and other Bomber execs). Evidently, salary secrecy has been a Winnipeg Football Club staple since 1935.
For a public organization its amazing the lack of transparency!
But now we've held the cup for 3 years and no reason why we can't hold it a fourth!

Are you able to tell us more about being called out by Lord Lyle?

Hey I worked for the local gas company here in Calgary, and it was the same way Lyle. Owners are in any business, not to so much help the communities as it is to help out their greedy bank accounts. It's the same just about anywhere in Canada. What gets me is that when fans can see the pitfalls, but they could care less about the fans. So? GO find your fans somewhere else is my attitude. We'll see who needs who in the end! You are right!

We are living in a world where more and more decisions are made by people who are totally insulated from their customers. Sometimes they are not even on the same continent as their customers. Many are so driven to reduce costs that they forget that a "cheap" product pulls in less income.

I think that explains a lot.

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In the US, NBC Universal and CNN (owned ultimately by AT&T) in the media are excellent examples in this regard. They have not listened to their viewers, many of whom have long since left, for years and it does not look like they will do so until the financial pain is bad enough.

I don't think Huff & DaveDick are purposely putting out a mediocre or bad product. However, they're both pretty relaxed and moseying around without hard purpose (ie. winning). Both are guaranteed big money to hang around the Stampeders complex - and obviously have been promised long-term packages regardless of results.
Thats where the smell starts backing up. All it takes is one Stampeder/Flames board member to start raising the roof - and questioning current results. Initially, that loner is gonna get squashed with phrases like "Don't mess with success", "They're both lifers, don't rock the boat!", etc.
When two or more board mopes start singing the same refrain, thats when Hufnagel and/or Dickenson bite the dust.

I'm quite familiar with the situation in the US. The "Mn" in my handle stands for Minnesota; not Manitoba. I watch CNN and MSNBC regularly. I'm speaking from the experience of working at a business where the "president" would come in late with his Wall Street Journal under his arm and completely ignored the customers who were present. I was one of the people who stood face-to-face every day with customers who were frustrated and angry about our ridiculous policies over which I had no control. This was not a multi-national nor even a national enterprise. It was a small local lumber yard that was already a shadow of its former self.

There are exceptions to this kind of rot. but it is happening all over at every level. And in reference to your choice of "bad guys", the best-run business that I ever worked for (as a teen) was owned and operated by a democrat.

I was with your comment until this part, for I am not endorsing either major party and have supported either or neither for most of my life. I don't like any of those media plus Fox News, so your assumption that by default I am making a partisan inference is incorrect.

You obviously have made clear who are your favourites, but the point is about the business success not the politics and these things change with time of course.

From strictly a business standpoint, Fox News has grown their niche and audience, but that would be getting off topic to go any further so I left them out of my comment. I'm certainly not impressed with them either.

Fair enough. I jumped to a conclusion and slipped.
Jerry Å

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