Ferguson: Ranking the free agent RB class

Perhaps he can sign with my hometown Argos or my Edmonton Elks :rofl: :question:

Husky Harris will be offered a reduced pay packet by Kyle Walters & The Bombers. He's 35, he still has some outstanding games left but perhaps not on a consistent basis. If he was hauling in $175 + bonuses + playoff coin he'd earn somewhere north of $200k. Not many Canadian (or American) running backs making that kind of money.
I suspect Walters will offer him a 'Retire 'n Stay' kind of contract - perhaps in the $130 to $140k range. If he gets nicked badly - he'll retire but stay with the team as a fan ambassador for approx. $100k a year - and still have opportunities to work in the private sector as a product spokesman, car salesman, lottery ambassador, etc.

Harris has great gravitas in Winnipeg area w/ his local high school background, 2 Grey Cups, breaking all of Gerry James records, league records, MOPs, MOCs, etc. He might be able to score an offer of $140-$155k from a beggar's type team (OTT) to finish out his career but his profile in the nation's capital is nowhere near what it is in Guess Who Country!

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Don't look for Calgary to even make the playoffs. In football you need a quarter back and there is none in Calgary. None that can be trusted anyway. Bo should have retired 3 years ago! He's the worst!

I suspect Bo will try and stick it out for another year in his semi-damaged but relatively youthful state. Bo made an incredible debut as a TV analyst during last month's Grey Cup. In a word - he was FANTASTIC. But being added to the panel or replacing a tired & mentally exhausted G Suitor may not be in his wheelhouse - YET . . . ! ! !
Jake Meier is young enough to hang around for the inevitable fall of Ceasar, so he might not be willing to fling his services to another team - although if I were Winnipeg he'd be my #1 target to back Zorro Collaros.


If I was Huff, I would try to trade with Montreal to get Adams. Good arm, acan scrambe and run and isn't afraid to do so. Bo, never ran 3 steps in his life! Mr. Interception, Mr. 2 and out, Mr. I can't count to 20 seconds, Mr. I don't communicate with my team mates, Mr. I can't hide the ball even on a hand off, Mr. I am content to throw the wide out and lose yards, and worst of all....Mr. I can't throw to the reciever while he is running. IN fact, he can't throw at all...
It's time he retired somewhere but not here. I say release him and use Jake or possibly Adams and start off with a decent QB.
Each year, BO publically states..." I have to be better" but it's all just talk. Well...let him talk somewhere else, because I"m not going to sit in freezing weather with my family, and have him go 2 and out all game. Bo is also known for faking injuries. Malingering to cover up his obvious weaknesses. He might be a fantastic great guy, but as far as getting the job done, he hasn't been able to do it for a long time. He won't either.

I agree as well. Wilder is cancer to the team and the CFL! Don't need his type around. That's the league fault. It should be compulsory for every single athlete to get fully vaccinated ( booster shots included) and if you don't, .....then you don't play in this league! Problem is with a very weak Randy Ambrosie, it would never get done, because he has no backbone!


There are CFL cheerleaders made of sterner stuff than Mssr. Ambrosie

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....and in the beginning of Ambrosie, I thought a former player and self made entrepreneur would be EXACTLY what this league needed. Can't find solid leadership :confused:

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I agree, he was a terrible choice and should never been elected. Perhaps Huff should step down and take the spot. Good leadership is so hard to find!

Huff gettin' old. Doesn't travel well anymore. Ambroni at least 10, maybe 12 years younger than Huff.
Huff might be good as an interim commish until they can round up a solid. . . . if he wants it.

If you want a PR commish, none better than Pinball Wizard. If you want a someone willing to make hard decisions - Huff is the superior candidate!

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Agreed, however Pinball? Not too sure. During he retirement, I never thought he would ever shut up. People were going to the concessions, then to the bathroom, then to the souvenir stands and then back to their seats when they still discovered he was still speaking for another 20+ minutes!
I would like to see somone in there, who doesn't really care about winning the masses over and possesses a good background knowledge of the CFL game. I'm getting a little tired of the rules chaninng every year, and the whole free agency thing, along with ending the game in the winter. Nuts! Require more stability, and make it more fan friendly. None of these games going until 10 Pm at night, but if it's a weekend game, have it done by 3:30 - 4PM, so the kids can get home and finnish their homework and so that people aren't driving around in the dark - DRUNK!!
Season can be completed by Oct 15 th - tops!~ Lets get her going in April sometime. None of this watching football in the snow. If we have to raise our Canadian content of players ...then so be it. We are due for some better popularity and growth in this nation anyway and we should be better supporting our OWN GAME, and not someone else's. If the American players don't wan't to start the season early here , then ,,, "Oh well...they just won't play football for a career". Secondly; make them sign up for a min of 5 years in this league, before they can abort and go to another! You want more money....then leave! Tired of having to accomodate the Americans.
Our players not that good? Then get behind them and lower the seat costs. WE don't need to be compared to, or run in parrellel with, any other league! Well...that's my venting for the day! Lol...:joy::rofl:


Some very good (aka excellent) points. Many in synch with what many CFL fans think - but seldom say, unless in hte privacy of their own bathroom!
CFL has been on a wart-covering mission for the last 30 to 35 years.

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Amen to that!!!! Absolutely!!

I have been told that the reason why we have to wait until July to start the season, is because the Americans are still in College or University until nearly June. I say...to heck with that! Do you want to play football or don't you. Would you sooner be Doctor, then stay in school. However ; if football is in your blood, the see it out even if it's for only another 6 or 7 years. No? Then good luck in med school. In the meantime, talent or no talent, we want only people who want to be here for the right reasons. I personally, am tired of Americans using the CFL as a platform to hone their skills for the NFL or AFL. Ridiculous that we allow this! Football is for you ? Well we will take you but you have to sign for at least 5 years here if make a team. After those 5 years, you're on your own.
As it is now, fan's dont even know who's wearing the uniform anymore without the use of a game program guide. If you're asking my family to fork out $3,000 for 9 games and 1 exhibition game, I need to know at least who is in our lineup. The last 2 seasons in Calgary, we had no idea except that we knew Dave was in love with Bo. And..to be honest that's all we knew until it came out much later on that most of our players were no playing on other teams. So; every year, it's like your starting all over again with a brand new set of coaches and players. That's not stability to me! That's ludicrous!

I don't think Dave Dick was in love with Bo (or vice-versa) but forced to play the role of loving whoever he had at QB. Thats kinda the Cowboy way - at least ever since Hufnagel took the reins!

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You're probably right Lyle. My experiences in sports, was you went with and you believed in one guy as you so accurately say. But I also believe, that if that...guy (goalie, QB, Tackle, Pitcher) is not performing, then you have to make a change. You don't allow yourself to get caught with the loyalty card. It's team first and that means putting liasons aside. Sitting in section "S" we have seen back ups come in and do a great job, and sitting there hoping that Bo doesn't come back because we all know what we are in for. It's too much pressure on the Defence when your #1 QB plays game after game and never puts anything together. People will talk about all his accolades and records that he broke, and I'm very proud of his achievments. But just like in any sport, there comes a time when a change is as good as a rest. He's not doing himself any favors.

Your treatise speaks more to just Dave Dick being "in love" with his guaranteed-salary starting QB.
At this point in proceedings the Stamps braintrust (Huff & acolytes) have ceased control of the Stampeder ownership group. With no pressure from above, Huff & DaveDick can run things as they wish. Thats truly scary. We are all told to believe that owners own and managers manage but the hair's truth is that managers manage until losses mount or fans turn their back. This season, losses mounted and many fans started turning their backs.
The Huff Bluff may work on some no-minds currently in the ownership group but if the team comes out of the chute slowly or Bo starts showcasing his growing bag of tricks, someone will be found with courage to start the dismantling. The first order from the timid soul charged is to order Huff to fire DaveDick unless he conducts a switch at QB. Thats when the action begins.
Hufnagel has truly turned the Stampeders into a private industry, his industry. Hufnagel, Inc. Family members now involved in the industry. Only similar attempt at a royal coup was the Hugh Campbell era.

In Winnipeg, in the NHL. Paul Maurice was set on a 12 to 20 year career as NHL coach AND land-owner. Maurice, the inventor of M'ice Hockey (cowardly players who seldom crash the net for fear of career-interrupting injuries) had gone relatively unnoticed for much of his 9 year lacklustre career as Jets head coach. Last couple years, his oldest son had grabbed a foothold as "Jake the Intern" on CJOB (jets radio rights-holder) as their post-game stats man and NHL roundup man. Jake actually had potential - the Maurice's are devoid of real leadership and coaching skills but are exceptional as podium orators. Jets management (Chevy Cheveldayoff) and ownership (Dizzy Chipman & the Toronto billionaire) were held spellbound for much of a decade as Maurice was able to dazzle them with words while the team looked like 5 Blind Mice trying to avoid contact. The s hit the f about 3 weeks back - when Maurice found out he could cowardly resign but still get the balance of his enormous contract paid out in cash!
Another damn family affair nipped in the bud! Sorry, Jake the Intern!

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You should get this copied into the Calgary Sun, because it seems to me, that you have landed on target with your hypothesis. It's turning sickening with the Flames - out organization and as well as the Stamps. The same poor unaccountable ownership for both groups = the same attitude and lack lustre results for both groups. Flames won't make the playoffs for another 7 or 8 years I would suspect, and if by fluke they do....then they will be out in 4 straight.
The Stamps have to clean out some problems with Huff and Dickenson. Until they get removed, guys like Bo will come in and run the show poorly.

So long as Huff has his amazing pipeline into NCAA players & coaches, he'll remain in tow. Unless pressured from above Huff will be extremely reluctant to extract DaveDick or Bo from their current spots. For over a decade the Huff Regime reigned supreme in Canadian football. Now, the warts are exposing themselves and the coverup is feeble!

I'm guessing that you are very accurate in these statements Lyle. I would also guess, that certain fans that have been loyal up until now, will be dropping off in pretty good numbers.
I was just thinking about this yesterday. It seemed to me at least, when we almost lost our team here back decades ago, it seemed to be of ultimate importance to instantly build a winner and to stay on top. That was the goal. Well in large part we have done that, now making the playoffs 16 years in a row. However....I might very well be wrong on this, but it seems like we have gone from having a goal of being extrremely hard to beat to now...let's just make the playoffs and we'll take our chances from there - type of attitude.
It's time for that standard bar, to be raised again and we won't do it with Bo and Dave. It will never happen.