Ferguson: Ranking the free agent RB class

On Monday we took a look at the pending 2022 free agency class of quarterbacks, a diversely talented group with more depth than top-end options, creating some real intrigue at the top of team priority boards.

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Ka’Deem Carey is amazing, but which team wouldn't want a Canadian running back if they could afford it? Harris is close to retiring but Sean Thomas-Erlington has plenty of upside left. Sorry Hamilton... your guy is the apple of every GM's eye right now. :grin:

Ya the crop of available & established running backs is a bit thin this year with Carey being the clear stand out here. I agree that a Canadian back is a great theory for teams but I would be worried about finding a capable Canadian backup as well. Worked well in Winnipeg because they have a stable of them. Not every team has that luxury.

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Don Jackson???

He may not fit anywhere if he doesn’t get vaccinated.

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He needed to go anyway. He's a game body, but I don't see upside there.

Maybe he's not mentioned here because he only played 4 regular season games? I dunno...maybe he was #11 in the author's eyes and didn't make the top 10?

Lions badly need to upgrade their running game but I hope Wilder isn't part of those plans. In my mind being a team player would involve vaccinating yourself for the common cause. Not doing so means you're selfish in my mind. Stay away, James.

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Carey WILL be the leading rusher in 2022.. Stamps will be unstoppable with him and Chubba Hubbard in the back field.

OMG !!! Hilarious . Like Chubba Hubbard is ever going to leave the NFL and sign with the Ponies . Serious question here...were you ever dropped on your head when you were a kid ? or maybe your fav song is "Dreamer" by Supertramp or maybe it's a little of both ? Asking for a friend .


I might ask you they same thing. You cant get when someone is making a joke?

Oh , okay I get it . So basically every time you post something about your beloved Stamps it's a joke . Thanks for the clarification . I'll be sure to tell my friend . :laughing:

Lol whatever you say Bobo... Happy Holidays


It speaks volumes about a player who hides his vax status from the one club that experienced an outbreak.
I agree. There’s little upside there.


Absolutely. But then, he’s never struck me as a team player.
It’s me, me, me… look at me I’m a wrestler… look at my abs!

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Absolutely. Just read the 3 Down Nation article. Wilder is a moron, talking about sacrifice when all he is sacrificing is the health of his teammates and the ability of his team to field a healthy squad. He also talks about “beliefs” but doesn’t share what they are. I guess the Jewish space laser thing didn’t go over so well last time.

He also mentions pleasing owners and that politics have entered into the sport. What nonsense. For one, he should be lucky that he is able to work at his job without being vaccinated, unlike many others in society. Ironically, he couldn’t attend a game if he wasn’t playing.

The politics thing is the most off base comment he made, in my opinion. A Grade 3 student could tell you that Covid doesn’t belong to any political party. It is present in every country. It is all about health and science, not what political stripe you happen to be. Good riddance to this egghead I say. I wouldn’t want him on my team.


Fully Agree on your "Wilder stay away"! With a "me first" GM in Jones, James "Me First" Wilder will likely get along juuuust fine with Jones.
Before Looking at the RB position for an upgrade, GOTTA fix the OLINE. I doubt even the L8, GR8 Walter "Sweetness" Payton could get yds with this porous group.


I hope Andrew Harris signs on with his home province Bombers, unless he suddenly retires. I think John Hufnagel will resign Ka'Deem Carey, it will be interesting to see if William Powell seeks greener pastures :rofl:

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Powell is as green as he is going to get.

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