Ferguson: Quarterbacks across the CFL balled out in Week 1

Football is a game built around quarterback play. If you don’t like that, I make no apologies for the basic fact that you can have pretty much anything else, but subpar quarterback play will inevitably sink your season.

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Very different than last year when, due to injury or just not very good, most of the quarterbacks struggled early in the season. Week One of 2024 though, and it has been really good quarterback play all around! After the performance by Dukes, it makes me wonder whether or not the Argos will feel a need to hang onto Kelly and all the trouble that seems to follow him wherever he goes? The most intriguing part about the amazing pivot play, is that only 2-3 would be considered long in the tooth. The rest have years left to go on the gridiron. I would add, too, that some of the backups are pretty good. Crum, Ford (Dukes, technically) and maybe Evans come to mind. Here’s to hoping the QBs stay healthy, because it could make for a special season!

His eye was “graded”? That must hurt like hell.

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Dukes is still relatively inexperienced. Hold on to Kelly, and let him mentor Dukes.