Ferguson: Powell picking up the CFL game in live time

How do you develop a young quarterback in the CFL? The question is an ever-present challenge to franchises that are perpetually in win-now mode. There’s no such thing as ‘tanking’ in the CFL. Thankfully, that means teams are constantly pushing.

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Powell"s progress has been slow but steady. Hopefully the Cats can keep him on the team in 2024.


Both Powell and Crum have been pleasant surprises, but Powell has more support from his teammates than Crum. I think Powell May be a better option than even a healthy Mitchell in the playoffs, and he should be a strong contender for 1st string next year. Can’t wait to see how he does against the Argos on Saturday.

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In a couple of years, both Powell and Crum will be established starters in this league

Everyone is panicking over QB development and look at this season so far.


  • Tyrie Adams
  • Powell
  • Fine
  • Dolgala
  • Tre Ford

We have QB’s and good young QB’s in the league - lots of them as a matter of fact…and most are having to learn the same way - here you go you are the number one QB


Dru Brown may be on that list too. Likely last year in Winnipeg. There will be interest elsewhere. Not sure what’s happening in Calgary. They used to roll in new finds @ Qb every year. Arbuckle hasn’t panned out, jury out on Maier. Looks a lot like the Riders have a QB controversy & likely a new coach next year. And Masoli? Probably done IMO.

Good comments. Be nice to get back to the last decade where every team had decent QB’s most years.

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Missed Dru for sure. Winnipeg is at a fork in the road though. Zach has been dominant but not like he has been the last few years and they need someone for “down the road” and to get ready to take over the starters job.

Calgary has Stevens. They have not played him much and likely won’t until they are eliminated from the playoffs. It’s been a tough year for Calgary and I get the feeling they want to play Stevens more but all their games but all their games have been close enough they haven’t been able to get him playing time. That should sort itself out with tomorrows games and who knows - maybe we will see Stevens play in the last few games. What is clear is that the schedule and some weak teams in the west did Maier a lot of favors the last couple years, but as competition hears up in the west he’s not looking like the way forward.

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Since Zach has two years left on his contract and barring serious injury is expected to play those two years, Brown would remain the back up, perhaps with some increased playing time, for the next two years if the Bombers re signed him. I expect they probably will as I don’t think another team would pay him starter’s money so there is no reason he would move somewhere else to be a back up there.

The wildcard is Streveler. If he can’t land on an NFL PR I expect he will be back in the CFL and possibly with Winnipeg. He is much more likely, however, to draw a starter salary from another team which would be impossible for the Bombers to match. If he re joined the team I can see Brown being let go and Streveler being part of a platoon system. Not equal time to Zach but much more playing time than a normal back up which would justify his higher than usual back up salary and expose Zach to less wear and tear as he ages.

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That was my point as well. They have time to prep and give the next man up playing time.

Like the Elks did with Wilkenson and Moon. Not enough teams do this, which is why we end up throwing so many good QB’s away because we just throw them in and its sink or swim…



Agree. Zach is 8-4 this year, 7-4 if you take away his “start” in Edmonton. Great sometimes, hasn’t looked good in other games. Over the next 2 years of his contract, Zach’s OL is going to look much different. So it will be interesting to see how that affects things. One, maybe 2 of the OL will be gone.

I can see Dru staying in Winnipeg but they have bigger issues. They had the highest payroll last year & stood still in FA except to add Lawler & Castillo who, both Jones & Sergio conceded, left because of money. Lawler I believe, took less this year to take a bump next year. Schoen, if he stays put in the CFL will get top money somewhere. Can you invest 600K in Zach & another 600k in 2 receivers? We’ll see.

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