Ferguson: Pinpointing the passes from Week 10

Week 10 in the CFL saw the Winnipeg Blue Bombers finally lose a game, a home loss to an East division opponent no less. There was also a classic late game battle between the Ticats and Argos.

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Interesting that Fajardo's targets are mostly on the right side while Rourke's are (despite being better distributed) more to the left. Interested to see if this is a pattern for the Riders-Lions contest.

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It would be interesting to see if this is driven more by QB tendencies or where they are located in relation to the hashmarks. Moving the hashmarks closer to center this year likely reduces the overall impact but say the Lions have two long drives that are mostly offset to the left hashmark. Could this result in Rourke throwing more to the short side of the field as opposed to him simply preferring to pivot left and throw?