Ferguson: Pending Free Agents on every team's priority list

Not so long ago there was an iconic story passed around NBA circles about an owner and members of a team visiting a pending free agent and barricading the door to prevent any other teams from making advances for his services.

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Awe, Purifoy and Beverette are good players but they are also good for at least one 15 yard penalty per game. Their demeanor on the field causes others to also lose their cool and take foolish penalties. I’ll agree with your other picks but not these three malcontents

In Beverette’s case, this is factually incorrect. He’s had a couple games where he’s been penalized. But that comes with the territory when you’re a linebacker.

Awe is a different story, got a bad habit of going helmet-to-helmet and has been fined like 3-4 times this year for it.

I thought that when Dickenson let Shawn Bane Jr. go to free agency last season that he made a serious mistake. His performance with the Riders confirmed my thoughts. He just keeps getting better. Cory Mace shouldn’t make that same mistake.
I fully agree the Stampeders should make it a priority to re-sign Micah Awe. Yes as others have said he has a bit of a hot temper but certainly has earned another year on the team otherwise. Him and Judge made a great tag team.

There are those who play on the edge & those who go a bit past that. Awe & Edwards probably fit in the latter category. Purifoy had a bit of a reputation earlier in his career & changed teams because of it. I don’t think that was the case with the Riders nor with the Elks last year.

When you’re aggressive you’re going to get penalties - and sometimes it hurts the team. But the plays they make because they’re aggressive far outweigh the penalties - at least in the case of the latter 2 you mention. And, sometimes, borderline calls go against players with reputations.

If those 3 get to FA, they’ll get suitors.

Did anyone notice that Montreal doesn’t lose one wide receiver this year except Ellingston who unfortunately is finished. He came with a big price tag and hopefully his dollars will help the Als keep some of their needed defensive players