Ferguson: One free agency need for all nine teams

With less than a week remaining until CFL Free Agency, there’s been plenty of buzz across the country.

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Agree totally that. The Riders need a DB, but I’d say they need to blow up the whole backfield. Their pass coverage was pathetic.
How many times did Dolegala score only to have the defensive backfield eviserated.

Nic Marshall often looked like a U11 defender, watching airplanes land. Good number zero ( old guy moment) is coming back. He was great.

Looking at the Calgary Stampeders, I’d say the number 1 need is not a receiver, but the other end of the passing game, the quarterback. A new QB should be their top priority.

Disagree, Marshall. Pass pro for the Als improved a lot once McGloster stepped in for Rice at RT and the line started to get comfortable in Maas’s system. And the biggest issue with Cody getting sacked is Cody himself: holding on to the ball too long, getting fixated on one side of the field and not seeing his secondary options, and doing that stupid spin move to “avoid” pressure where he ends up facing his own team’s end zone and which other teams have scouted.