Ferguson: Nothing like a heated quarterback battle

There is no position in sports quite like quarterback.

The singularity of the role, pressure of the spotlight and scarcity of opportunity all combine in some magical, unknown equation that makes us obsessed with the men behind centre.

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I think this year of CFL football (hopefully it happens) will be the most exciting season in a very long time. The Pandemic has allowed all players to fully heal. But it has also been so long of a break that there is bound to be some rust. on all players. Add to the fact that two years of free agency has resulted in so many players changing teams that it will be a number of weeks before anyone can see a leader team. Then with the season being so short, the team that comes out running will amass a lead that other teams will find hard to catch up unless they get it together very quickly. If Quarterbacks thought that there was pressure in the past, (To steal a line from BTO) they ain't seen nothing yet! All of this spells an exciting season for the CFL. I'm on the edge of my stadium seat already. Now play ball !