Ferguson: My time as a U SPORTS QB intern

When I first heard of the CFL quarterback internship program I was a second-year at McMaster University with no understanding of what the opportunity offered or what the goals were.

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Tough thing for a man to admit, but thousands of hopefuls every year see their dreams fade away in many sports. You're one of the lucky ones Marshall, in that the sport you love has still found a spot for you. Most have to go & face the real world. See you on TSN.

When Bo came to town here he was set up to be the #2 QB. Later he proved he had a good arm and a quick release, so he earned the #1 position and went on to set may club and CFL records.
In the last 3 years or so, Bo's not half the QB he was back then, but management still wants him to be their designated #1. I have seen in the last 3 years much better QBs.
The politics in any sport are there and are sometimes cruel.

Most interesting. Great article.

Great story Marshall. Thank you.

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