Ferguson: My 5 favourite Draft fits

I love making mock drafts. Not to be right on as many picks as possible or to appease the masses who love to project which player their teams might seek out on draft night. I love mock drafts because I truly believe they’re one of the best thought experiments I can put myself through before the real picks are made.

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I still have doubts about Carter at safety. It's not an easy position and you need to know alignments and call coverage. Very complex stuff.
Moving him to safety at some point is a better description of what may happen. I think it was T.J. Hill (my mental health issues play havok with memory) that got moved back to safety at the beginning of one season from MLB and I remember him talking about how much more difficult the position was to play because of play calling and reading offences.
He also commented on how it helped him be a better linebacker when he got moved back.

I still have doubts about Carter...anywhere. Low blow maybe but he has a lot to prove to me.

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Safety is the easiest position in the secondary. It has the least man coverage assignments.

"Zone coverage is what you play when you don't have the personnel to play man." - Bob O'Billovich.

If it's a run defense, you crash down. If it's a safety blitz, you crash down. If it's cover 1 or cover 2, you sit back in deep zone. Very rarely does a safety have to play man. Man coverage is what separates the men from the boys in the secondary. That's why for decades if the coach needed to make ratio he'd hide a Canadian who couldn't cover at safety (Craig Butler, Scott Gordon, Richard Karikari, Cauchy Muamba, even Glen Suitor).

Not the easiest at all! The safety is considered the last man defense and has the duty of making sure guy in the secondary are lined up right. He's their to cover over the top for when a corner of halfback get beaten one on one.

Of all positions in the secondary, yes it is the easiest.