Ferguson: Moncrief displaying versatility in Riders defence

If there is one player worth giving the ‘iso cam’ treatment on the Saskatchewan Roughriders defence this season, a player worthy of locking in on above all other highly talented and entertaining options, it’s Derrick Moncrief.

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Derrick Moncrief and his Riders will continue to slide in the West standings, unless they start playing more complimentary football.

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P.S. There O-Line has been a mess thus far in this 2022 season. They could be the crossover team from the very tough West division.

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So now the Riders are responsible for taking a 3rd QB out of the game. Hopefully O'Connor isn't out for more than this game, but why is this team getting away with injurying the opposition QBs? I can't remember one team doing so many injuries in one season. Is there a problem with the rules that are supposed to be protecting these VIP players? Are they needing another rule? Are the Riders doing something that needs to be addressed by the league? For sure Sankey will be receiving a fine next week for that hit but is that enough?

Agreed. He should be suspended but no doubt will only be fined. Two QB’s knocked out by illegal hits is two too many. (Say that fast 3 times)