Ferguson: Masoli's early impact on the REDBLACKS

When Jeremiah Masoli signed with the Ottawa REDBLACKS in free agency this past February, everything changed.

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Well he's already accomplished that objective, hope is in the air. After last years QB fiasco, that wouldn't take much. Hope will be replaced by reality soon enough, let's hope all that hoping wasn't wasted
"perhaps a Jaelon Acklin finger tip or two away from claiming his elusive first Grey Cup title"
Just to be picky it was Deatrick Nichols fingertips that made the difference there, give credit where credit is due.

I will say the RedBlacks definitely looked like a more energized (I know such a cliche buzzword) team last week and if not for a missed pass or two (and the most bone-headed clock management at the end of the first half) they might have won. I'd love to see a competitive RedBlack team as the East can be just painful to watch some years. Fingers crossed they put a bit of a spank on Winnipeg tonight so that the team can start to build real confidence behind Masoli as the team's leader.

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The Redblacks and their fans have always had a great team in spite of 2 lousy seasons. Except for the 2 seasons, they won a Grey Cup in their second season and were close to another. No need to play Poor Ottawa.

300 yd passing games with few points on the board, that's Masoli's M.O. not wins.