Ferguson: Landing spots for surprise cuts

With the end of training camp comes difficult decisions and painful releases, as teams squeeze down their numbers to meet CFL requirements. In these cuts there are many players who both have the talent and deserve a chance to play in the CFL that are let go for any myriad of reasons, ranging from playing a position stacked with talent on a roster to not being the right system fit for the team they just tried out for.

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Leadership? Lemon??? Did I really just read that?

Lemon does have experience and Calgary has soooo many rookies this season, that even Lemon's experience can help the team rookies. Experience is better than no experience and Lemon has a lot of CFL experience to lead the rookies into increasing their performance. By the way he is posted on the CFL PR which doesn't guarantee him an active spot. Maybe because he was signed so late and the coaches didn't have a chance to evaluate him. Being on the CFL PR makes him very vunerable to being taken by another team and / or cut from the Stamps when the USA/Canada border restrictions are removed.

Don't get me wrong. I don't have a problem with the Stamps picking him up, even if it's just to keep him away from Sask (who lost Bishop for the year). In fact I think it's a good move. I just question the writer of the article claiming that he brings leadership. Great player on the field sure, but in the locker room, the poster boy for cancer.

Why he got cut in Edmonton?

It would have to be that the coaches decided that another guy is better

Sometimes being a dick costs a guy his spot

Want to hear a bunch of useless rumours even stupider than these ones? Listen to Derek Taylor, any day of the week.