Ferguson: Landing spots for five training camp cuts

Cutdown day(s).

Nobody likes them. Every player has a painful memory of them from middle school to pro ball, and inevitably every year a couple of players hit the open market that just a few weeks ago you thought might be a lock to fit in your roster.

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I think Pipkin is likely to surface somewhere, not sure if it will be the CFL or not, tho'.

I was looking forward to seeing JORDAN WILLIAMS-LAMBERT as a Calgary receiver playing in Regina. But they gave him a couple of tries on Sat and he missed them both. Not what I was expecting but appreciate he had to go. Another disappointment was Colton Hunchak ! They went to him 3 times and he missed all 3. I was a bit surprised Dave didn't give him his free agency pass.

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BC may already have other plans, but Antonio Pipkin may be beeping on their radar. Kevin Thompson is out for a while, and his name was never cemented on the roster anyway. A "True Short Yardage" QB may be the desire for a BC three QB game roster.?

Pipkin age 26 surely will be playing CFL this season.

the 18 QB1s + QB2s will be having their usual share of injuries.

This is a well written and interesting story Marsh. Much more insightful than the average that we get out of NFL writers these days.

My big takeaway from these cuts is the "REDBLACKS offensive line depth". They have that now? What?!

If true this is a HUGE upgrade... and kinda unexpected since no teams out East have taken their offensive line depth seriously in gawd knows how long. Very smart. I guess we have to credit new GM Shawn Burke for this change in thinking. Our Bomber pass rush might have a tougher nut to crack than I previously thought. Darn.