Ferguson: Keeping up with the quarterbacks

One less game did not mean less excitement as Week 15 gave us a trio of unique passer matchups to sink our teeth into.

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Dane Evans found his mojo finally. Cat fans better hope he puts it a safe place this time.


It Montreal doesn't blow up Hamilton's suddenly terrific offensive line then Dane Evans rein of terror will continue. I think his mojo might turn into a monster.

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Here is one girl waiting for that monster. GO BOYS GET ER DONE :black_heart::brown_heart::black_heart::brown_heart::black_heart::brown_heart:

Here's hoping Evans puts it all back in a bottle and the Alouettes D can keep things going from last week. Trevor Harris needs to do better than the 163 yards passing against BC. Every year there's one game that makes or breaks a season. If the Alouettes beat the Cats, second place is a good bet. If the Cats win, then who knows? Not sure who the Alouettes owners are these days, but I'm sure they'd appreciate a home playoff game.
Go Als Go!