Ferguson: Is Trevor Harris this year's Zach Collaros?

Those who don’t learn from history are bound to repeat it, but sometimes history is worth trying to replicate. That had to be at the core of Montreal Alouettes GM Danny Maciocia’s decision making process as completed a trade to acquire quarterback Trevor Harris on Sunday.

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It may come down to character. Collaros looks to be a stand-up guy. Not so much Harris, who has a history of decent stats but moves from team to team. Perhaps it's just me, but I have a hard time trusting Harris to come through when the going gets tough.

Sunderland: "Shocked at where we are. Disappointed at where we are. Nobody anticipated this."

So he doesn't know why they're 2-7. Every year someone underperforms significantly to their expectations, but usually they have an idea why. So that comment means that he's either incompetent or lying.

Sunderland: "It’s never all on one person, but the quarterback play in general just wasn’t consistent and it wasn’t to the level that we certainly anticipated and where it’s been before. We feel we can get that from Taylor."
Sunderland: "It’s a football decision. We need better play at the quarterback position and we believe we can get that from Taylor and the combination of Dakota [Prukop] as well."

So he DOES know why after all, or at least thinks he does. He needs to stop talking out both sides of his mouth. Was the QB the problem or not?

So they got beat down in Winnipeg, so Elizondo blames his franchise QB. EVERYBODY gets beat down in Winnipeg. Reilly got embarrased by the Bombers. Fajardo was totally shut down back-to-back. Masoli got his butt kicked in Winnipeg. Harris threw for 87 yards in that game. When he was yanked, Cornelius threw for 47 yards and a pick. Yea, Harris definitely was the problem. :roll_eyes:

I'll tell Sunderland why he's 2-7. It starts at the top. You hired a bad coach, Brock - AND you;re standing by him!! That's on YOU, 100%.

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and Collaros didn't move from team to team?
Wasn't there 5 moves for Collaros - Toronto, Hamilton, Saskatchewan, back to Toronto then Winnipeg
and only three for Harris - Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton.
Why is Collaros a "stand up guy" and Harris isn't?
Moving form team to team is not a choice by Harris. He would still be in Ottawa except for Desjardins wanting to save $50k

Seems to me Zack was traded from every team , he did not move because he really wanted to , injuries did that . Mind you getting out of Regina must have felt good I am sure.

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I think every player who's come from the Riders says Regina's a great place to play. The fans are amazing (as long as you're not to blame for a 'too many men on the field' penalty). :grin:


Oh God, I have to pick myself up off the floor from laughing so hard after only reading the headline. What complete and utter nonsense.

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That's a pretty ignorant comment but the kind of thing that's to be expected from somebody who probably can't find Regina on a map. Oh yeah, and there were the repeated concussions Collaros kept getting, I think that had more to do with him winding up in Winnipeg than anything else. So far they've been lucky in the Peg.

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Ummm... okay, I guess. We've been lucky with Collaros and his injury prone noggin.

So it upsets you to hear that ex-Rider players say that Regina's a great place to play?
Would you get terribly angry if I told you that I have friends in Saskatoon? :thinking:

Found Regina on a map



Aww 1 just yankin your chain a bit. The three times we have been to the LDC we have always been treated well .

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Ya made me smile, outstanding post and I very much agree

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Collaros is a great guy and player - only injuries have been his issue.
Harris is also a good guy and a bit lower player - BUT he has decided to move himself a few times - that's the difference.
Both good guys, good players, BUT Collaros was OUTSTANDING during 2019's playoffs - almost off the charts good and doing the same this year.
Harris - he's good, but NO - he is not THIS year's Collaros to answer your question on this topic.


Trevor Harris set a CFL record in the 2018 East final when he threw 6 TD passes. Als have a better O-line than the Elks, he could be the second coming

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Harris is a do not fold or he will break. He rattles to easily he will do okay if he has a descent oline in front of him but all it takes his a hit or two and then he comes unraveled. When he was in Ottawa he had at the time a good offensive line. But also had great receivers to throw too. Edmonton has lazy receivers.

There are also more jobs available and players are less likely to sit on a team that frequently has 13 players on the field at a time.

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