Ferguson: Is Evans' perfect fit with the Lions?

Football is, arguably above all else, about fit.

Within that simple three letter word are a million variables; timing, coaches, previous connections, ex-teammates, on and off-field chemistry, personality aligning, philosophical agreement, and on and on.

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I am very surprised that Dane Evans is still playing with the greatest show on turf. :thinking: Perhaps a change of scenery with the B.C Lions will serve him well. :upside_down_face: I wish Dane a healthy and productive 2023 season with his new team. :exclamation:

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Evans looked good when the Cats visited here last year. hopefully with less pressure he can make things work with the Lions.

Well my honest opinion is Dane will not change he is nervous playing this game and he shows it. His lack of concentration is the killer for him being worried of where the next hit will be. I wish him luck but then again he is carrying a clip board what harm can he do or get?

So when does the QB controversy begin in BC? After the first loss or the second?

Match made in heaven; emotionally brittle starter and emotionally brittle backup.

I really believe that Evans is a good fit for the Lions. He does have ability for sure. As a Cat fan, I was disappointed in his play this past year, but I thnk he deserves the chance to help the Lions.

No way he is a fot for the lions

You are entitled to your opinion - as am I. I believe you are wrong and I believe Evans just might surprise a lot of people - but we will both have to wait to see how he does. Just understand that trying to bully people into your way of thinking doesn't work - so chill.