Ferguson: Imagining potential free agency fits

Every year as we begin the off-season, the CFL releases the pending free agent list and each year it seems to get longer as one-year contracts dominate the annual off-season player movement bonanza.

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Interesting. Well your locks look good but Brooks is back in Hamilton. Cottoy's out. I'd have to agree that Walker may replace Lawler who likely heads to BC & he'd be a good add for the Bombers. Maas REALLY wanted Ellingson last year before he re-upped late with Edmonton so I can see the Riders pushing for him if Duke signs elsewhere. Duke connection? Jones was gone when he came to the CFL but he's on the Elks radar. Fajardo's redo frees up some cash but Duke will go where the money is IMO & if it's $250K, like Lawler, bye bye Riders. Only DT of note I see on Elk roster is Ceresna & Jones would spend money to land Micah IMO. Riders let Micah sign with BC in 2020 & got peanuts when he returned. Micah will have suitors.
Harris to Riders? I can see that. Wienke would be a good fit for a lot of teams, especially teams potentially losing their top guys - Wpg, Edm if not Duke & Walker & Ellingson go, Riders....any Eastern team. Very underrated guy.

Please. Montreal. I beg of ye. Re-sign Wienke. He is vital to an Adams-led offence