Ferguson: How the Alouettes beat the Bombers

They did it.

They really did it.

A team from the much maligned CFL East Division found a way to not just win, or win on the road, or win on the road against the West, but to win on the road against the West and the undefeated Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

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I like what Ferguson had to say. Usually. But this? Pure nothing. Football fluff. So much for analysis. A guy drinking a 24 by himself could say, “look at the effort and Winnipeg missed field goals man.” The title is a joke too. Should be, “ what Montreal did not do…” or “I got some questions.. “
just bad expert analysts. . As in none.

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Montreal did not "beat" Winnipeg.
Winnipeg lost because of their inconsistent sometimes inept kicker - Liegghio - missed 2 very very very easy field goals in the last few minutes consecutively - time for a better kicker here.

Bombers Beat The Bombers add the fact a ref that just ref'd his 400th game and missed "a few" or had "a few" :beer:. Montreal just got lucky and the CFL took pity on them and didn't overturn that Clear PI that would have sealed it for the 10th win. Just take the win but my no means think that you are a good team Montreal or tat your coach is good because that there isn't the case

Montreal won. End of story. Bombers had every opportunity to win and didn’t. No excuse for being over the goal line on 3rd down, there is a literal line to be behind. More concerned with it poor Oline play then I am with kicking.


Yes , Ferguson is an Idiot & it wasn't a 24 it was more Like Jack Daniels & some Crystal Meth .
Home Town Fan give your Head a Shake Your Brain is Stuck .
Dreegking & nyronyro You 2 are Absolutely Right On the Mark !!!
Also the Refs are always against the Bombers because they are the best & almost always Win . Don't call Holding , Pass Interference , Blocking from the rear etc.... And that off side they called on theGoal Line was Absurd ... He like has Long Finger Nails !!!
Leggio ( Leggs) Lost the Game and he and Everyone in the Country knows it !!

Name one that he missed

Do you how ridiculous that is
That is the ultimate in sour grapes cry-baby excuses

Its like saying Wpg didnt beat Mtl the week before. Mtl lost becasue the gave up 2 many sacs and threw too many interceptions

In the real world
Team A scored more points than Team B
Team A beat team B

[quote="RJ12, post:6, topic:80166"]
And that off side they called on theGoal Line was Absurd ... He like has Long Finger Nails !!! [/quote]

Yes he does So long that he stepped over the line, but his foot was over the line
Funny how you were not crying when they made the same call against Mtl the week before!

Montreal beat them up on the lines. That is usually our gameplan and if we don't have good line play you can beat us.
Now back to the picture, you want to get into this again Ro? Why do they have to line up over a yard?

That makes no sence

It makes a ton of sence, and I'll argu it as much as you will, so lets just agree to leave it.

Looks like you are trying to tell me what I can and cannot post....even when its a reply to someone else!
Is that what you are doing?

Me too. Our O-Line worries me right now.

If we'd lost our first game due to fatigue, mental lapses and bounces that didn't go our way I'd be thinking, "We're 9-1, we're going into our first break and everything's peachy keen."

But Zack was running for his life and the writing's on the wall. We don't own the trenches on the offensive side of the ball this season.

It's funny how we beat teams by sheer luck or last minute gaffes time and time again and it's business as usual. When it's our turn to lose this way we get our noses out of joint. To me it's a wake up call. The one glaring weakness on our team reared its ugly head against Montreal and it's the interior of our once mighty front five. We can either fix it or face the probability that come November we'll lose against the first playoff team that exploits our vulnerability... like Montreal just did.


I would say that place kicking is another glaring weakness.


Liegghio's stats actually don't look bad on paper, but crunch time isn't about stats, is it?


Y'all know that Montreal also missed a field goal too, right?

It's pretty poor sportsmanship for fans of a 9-1 team coming off B2B Grey Cups to belittle the first team to beat their club. Your team won more than a few games this year by the skin of their teeth and to due other teams' mistakes. This time the pendulum didn't swing your way. Show some grace.

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Stats go right out the window when the game's on the line. If our 90% PK can't nail that walk-off kick when we need it then our kicking game is going to cause us to lose more of these 'close ones'.


There were too many other mistakes throughout the game for us to focus on the missed field goals, even as painful as they were. We've been spoiled by Justin Medlock for several seasons and have to move on. Montreal was ready for us when we stumbled so they deserved the win. We still have a great team to root for and I can't wait 'til the next gae.


We're still in shock. Montreal is the first team to beat us at home since 2019. When the Bombers lose at home it's 'End of Times'. When Montreal loses at home its... 'Thursday'. :grin: