Ferguson: Getting Sask's offence playoff ready

Tension is a unique feeling. Often misguided, always tough to define and never allows the status quo to remain.

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These stats are awesome. I love them. These are the basebally type of stats that I am sure all teams have on each other but that the general public does not usually get to see. I have seen some similar stats on this website but confess as a newby I don't know how often these are done, but keep it up. One question I have, that maybe someone can answer, is how to interpret the green football field I have seen before, this time relating to Moore's targets. I am confused. For example, I see 3 yellow dots around the 5 yard line on the right side. I realize that those dots represent 3 touchdown passes, but what else? Were the TD passes all around 5 yards? Or were they more like 105 yards as presumably the offence would be headed the other way? I don't think that was the case but cannot with certainty understand all of what what the football field is supposed to tell us. Also, why is there no goal line 10 yards back from the 10 and does that have any relevance? And what is the meaning, if any, to the field ending at 50 yards? If anyone can explain this diagram more completely it would be appreciated.

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It means blitz (or not) Fajardo and the O line will let half the people through. Thus, wide receivers are irrelevant. No time to throw an accurate pass.

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Sask's casualties are approaching 'ridiculous' with 29 players on either the injury or suspended list. Yet somehow they appear to be on the threshold of hosting a playoff game. I think that latest shipment of painkillers and bandages will allow them to squeak past Edmonton tonight. :grin:

The coaching staff, special teams, Rider D, running back, receivers, kicker, punter and QB are good enough to win now. Is there any reason to believe that the O-Line will let them?