Ferguson: Free agency's most impactful signings

With hundreds of CFL free agents on the board each year and so many quality players up for grabs, it’s easy to forget that certain moves hold more weight than others.

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I'm sensing disaster in BC. It's wonderful to have two Canadian QB's and an elite receiving corps. But what good will all the moves make without strengthening the one aspect that lost seasons in '19 and '21: weak O-line. Yes, if Matthews comes back for '22, maybe things change. But he's injury prone so my expectations are that he may or may not be playing this year and can't be counted on. The excuse by mgmt that there aren't any choices out there seems bogus. Expect a whole lot more sensational Whitehead or Burnham plays called back with, "BC Lions. Holding. Ten yards. Number 51."

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I guess Ferguson thinks Powell is a bigger signing in ottawa than masoli.and people read his opinions.what a waste of time

They didn't " lose"Ed Gainey and Micah Johnson, they weren't offered contracts in the first place.

I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that BC will bring in an import offensive lineman or two with little or no CFL experience JUST before training camp opens. That's the cheapest thing to do. It's also the quickest way to fix the problem.

If they stand pat and go with the worst offensive line in the CFL again then they deserve to miss the playoffs AGAIN.

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Agree. They pretty much have to. There's not much left so not sure why this wasn't addressed earlier. If Ryker isn't back you gotta hope you can find a couple of good ones. All the big 4 WR's are back but have they got a RB? Butler was OK but, again, good luck with that OL.

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I'd give the quarterback the option of punting on first down.


If armchair QBs like you & me can see the obvious need for major upgrades to the o-line then BC should be all over it, right? Right??? Please somebody tell me I'm right!

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You're right PorkyPine! :grin:

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I am thinking that with Harris, a home town boy, dominating the west final in the last quarter, the home town fans wanting him resigned and Kyle Walters and O'Shea are the best coach /GM tandem in the CFL choosing not to sign him....Harris will be a bust signing this year....or he would ne in Winnipeg.

BC is planning to go with 3 Americans on the Offensive Line. Typically only CFL teams in disaster mode do this but in all those other instances, there was no Canadian QB counting toward the ratio.