Ferguson: Five post-Draft thoughts

Well, that was fun.

After months of evaluation, discussion and pondering we finally got answers in the rush of excitement that only the CFL Draft can bring in a non-game day event. Here are a couple of my bigger takeaways.

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Thanks to one or two year contracts the Philpot Twins will be free to land 'close to one another' during some near-future free agency. I think we all know that Hufnagel's going to wind up with both of them and by then they'll be seasoned vets. It'll be the Forzani Brothers Flying Circus all over again.

Note: by 'Seasoned Vets'... I in no way, shape or form imply that there is cannibalism in the CFL. Rest assured that we have that problem relatively under control.

Good for hometown football. The list of hometown boys on the 5 strait Grey cup teams here is long. I think it is shorter to list the imports than Canadians on those teams.

Plus there is huge upside after their career too. Does the name Chris Morris or AJ Gass sound familiar? There were a couple guys that were drafted out of their U of A program in the first two rounds too.