Ferguson: Finding the best fit for Eugene Lewis

There I was, minding my own business last Wednesday evening in what is typically the calm before the storm in CFL Free Agency. It’s a time in late January when prioritized players have already signed extension and those ‘pending’ slide further towards a new setting.

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I have an idea he is going to be a BC lion they need to replace a very good receiver that retired.

Could be concern for Lucky Whitehead in BC due to his contract vs production ratio.

I like Lucky but he needs a good year to be with the team in 2024

i don’t think he’ll be going to the Lions, they don’t need a receiver to replace Burnham. that’s why they extended Hatcher last year. Lucky is fine. you don’t need to mess with skill positions for ratio in off season.

Lewis is likely headed for the hammer IMO.

In the cap they will not be able to afford him.

they’re not done

Well they have to sign many FA's on their own team and the money going to Bo tightens up the cash considerably.

Not ot mention they are paying Danes salary as well thus the Tiger cats do not have the luxury of going after Lewis who is going to command a big raise.

It's often reported how players these days have no team loyalty, that they only move to the money. Here is a guy who makes his home year round in Montreal, wants to get involved as much as possible in community/team events, wants to stay in Montreal and now, the little wannabee a coach GM snubs his nose at him. Even if Lewis was to re-sign with Montreal, one has to think there would be a little bit of bitterness for the treatment he was given. Lewis should have been their first priority, no questions asked. Macioca got rid of a very popular coach, who all the players loved to play for, a first round pick, exicting QB and now, it looks like he is going to let their best offensive player slide. It's looking more and more like a race to the bottom.

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Bombers - don't see it. Veterans are expensive & don't get cheaper if you make it to the CUP. They didn't compete for Lawler to keep him, why would they for Lewis? Besides Zach's salary, even their RB's weren't cheap with the Brady & Johnny show getting 183K last year. BOTH Greg & Nic were tied for 4th highest paid REC just behind Lewis last year. Two DE's in top 5, Bighill highest paid LB etc..

Ottawa - They got Acklin. Do you get another high priced receiver?

Hamilton - CUP's there. Need to break the long drought - I can see it.

BC - Made a big play for Lawler last year & offered big $$ for 2 years, with Whitehead already signed for big $$ & Burnham on board as well. Would not surprise me a bit. Adams contract is performance incentive driven without a lot of hard money.

TOR - Depends who's the QB. Kelly isn't going to be attractive. Might be Harris if Als don't wake up. Could be Fajardo. Hamilton isn't trading Evans to an Eastern team.

I wouldn't count out the Riders IF Harris ends up signing there for big $$$. They aren't bringing back Duke so the $$$ are there. That's a bit of long shot coz I can't see Harris signing there with that OL. But the Riders will make a push for him no doubt. Elks? If Lawler doesn't sign they would likely put up Lawler money for Lewis. Question there is Cornelius. Is this a breakout year for him? His QBR on passes over 20 yards was 110.7 - pretty good, albeit on a small sample.

Put me in the BC camp. They're in the win now zone where they have a good mix of young & old & are hungry.

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Dominigue Rhymes deserves to be targeted on almost every play. I don't like Rick Campbell but will give him credit due on that one. Also would be a shame to break up a corp of Hatcher, Whitehead, Hollins, and Pearson to make room for Lewis.

My guess is Ottawa to go along with Acklin in place of Darvin Adams who would also be a good pickup at the right price. Toronto could get in depending on if they botch the QB dilemma or not and almost a no win situation as they won't know until after the fact.

Or Montreal caves to pressure and signs him when they have good alternatives of their own at the position.

How about Montreal as the best fit. The strong run game makes all the receivers better receivers. He also knows Montreal's offence. I think Montreal just has to match the best bid and that will be all that is needed to put Lewis in the best place for him to succeed

Marshall, when have you ever been minding your own business??

Acklin signed for $155,000 so not that bad. I think Steven Dunbar would sign for the same.

whoever signs him is getting a game breaker.

Macioca is not very good at his job. University football is his level nothing more.

Not the biggest Maciocia fan and didn't like the process to hire a new coach he made but the Lewis situation have NOTHING to do with Maciocia. That's all on the ownership situation that is total disaster

Pretty sure Ferguson won't have a say in the matter anyway.

As primarily an Alouettes fan, reading the blurb above for the rationale of Geno moving on to Ottawa was doubly depressing.