Ferguson: Exploring head coach candidates for Ottawa

When the Ottawa REDBLACKS began the year with a back-to-back set against the two time defending Grey Cup champion Winnipeg Blue Bombers, you knew they were in tough.

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If I was Ottawa, I would be digging into the University ranks for a new HC. There are lots of quality coaches in the university ranks that would add a youthful injection into the coaching ranks.


From a marketing and fan recognition basis Henry Burris may be the obvious choice... if he wants the job.

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No mention of Khari Jones.

Would Marc Trestman come out of retirement for one more tour of duty? He's a pretty young looking 66, five years younger than Pete Carroll. It would be worth exploring - experienced, thoughtful, and very even keeled...

Yep let's start some groundless rumors already.

How in the world is Ritchie Hall not on here. The guy was handed a crap hand with the Elks forever ago and never given the reigns again. I honestly think he deserves a second shot - he's a freaking defensive genius.

He will be announced as Hamiltons HC at the end of the season....

Because he had the same kind of problems here they have in Saskatchewan.....

Shhh. Hall is fine here in Winnipeg.

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Burris had lot's of connections in Ottawa and is well thought of : does he risk that with little experience .

I thought Campbell should have grabbed him for OC when Elizondo quit on him .

But I truly think there is a progression like working under someone first like as a OC or QB coach , special teams whatever first before being a head coach .

The current NFL Job is good experience for sure but he needs more than quality control before getting to be captain of the ship .

Problem if he does move up in the NFL he maybe another Tom Clements and never returns .

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And Marcus Brady who is with the Colts.

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I would really turn a fresh eye to U-Sports coaches. With the quality of players being turned out I would bet guys like Chris Morris (U of A) AJ Gass, (former U of A) and even guys from semi pro leagues you may find some fresh new blood to add to the coaching ranks in Canada.

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Bob O'Billovich

As a non-Rider fan, please do NOT breakup the powerhouse duo of Dickinson and Maas! :joy:

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LOL ! Yea the Riders are doing great, eh?

I would make go after one of the Winnipeg coaches. Ritchie Hall would be a great addition. And has a pipeline of stafff and players that would follow.

I dont think Hamilton will make a HC change this off season. Maybe an OC and/or DC change.

I actually thought he had passed away a few years ago. I just looked him up, he's still alive!! I'm sure he wouldn't want to coach Ottawa.

He played for Ottawa,he was asst coach under great George Brancatto ,he was a great coach. Think his last stint was GM of Tiger Cats. I wrote him a letter with some old memories to him while with Ticats,I included a miniature Bible,talked Grey Cups,etc.

Bob sent me a hand written letter on Ticat stationary ,sharing with me great memories of things I said,thanked me for being a pure die hard CFL fan,we talked of his long career,we both agreed Argos won 1987 Grey Cup if not for Renfroe injuring his knee. Was tough loss. He thanked me for the Bible I sent him ,said it would be used. I Treasure that letter

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Now that's a great reply, thanks for that!!

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