Ferguson: Expect excitement with Banks on the other side

Anyone who follows me on social media knows I love a good GIF.

When I first started covering the CFL I saw all these incredible, viral worthy moments in sports across your addictive platform of choice, then typed in ‘CFL’ on twitter and essentially got Chad Ochocinco hugging an official and Kerwin Bell attempting to curb his future child producing enthusiasm. That was it, but as a fan of the Canadian game I knew there was so much possibility.

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The Hamilton Tiger Cats may have some serious regrets now that Brandon Banks has signed on with the Toronto Argonauts. In addition Jaelon Acklin has left to the nations capitol :bangbang: The Cats would have been 2021 Grey Cup champions if coach "O" did not concede the single point with 1:57 left in the final frame :thinking: :interrobang:

P.S. The Argos and Redblacks will have a better record in the upcoming 2022 season. I do not trust Dane Evans :rofl:
Brandon Banks

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As a fan, no regrets here. The Bombers won the Cup as soon as they won the coin toss and took the wind fourth quarter. Masoli has been hot and cold after the 2018 season, hence the QB 1A and 1B that worked well. Not sure Banks can recapture early years. I think Cats need younger blood to get over that last hurdle, and made some good moves. I agree the East will be tighter this year but dont write off the Cats.

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I thinks the ticat won't makes the playoffs next season because they lose some of their players to free agents and they will have to battle with Montreal for the third spot in the eastern division in cfl

Also the ticat won't be back in the grey cup next season

Don't let those Negative Nellies get you down Steven. Going after younger blood is exactly what John Hufnagel (and Dracula) do year after year. Expect good things once ORLONDO STEINAUER sinks his claws into that as yet unseen 'new talent' he's going to airlift into training camp this spring.

Dane Evans is FAR FAR superior to short & inaccurate Masoli - ANY DAY.
Banks is washed up - he won't last long with the Argos or anyone else.
The only real loss the Ticats have so far is J Davis and Jaelon Acklin.

I suppose you were very impressed with Dane Evans in his last 2 Grey Cup games as well :rofl: :question:

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In the 2019 GC Evans was still green when the Bombers threw the house at him. In 2021, he was injured. So no worries going forward with Evans. He is a fighter.

If we have to wait until we host again in2023, that's ok. Let this younger team in 2022 bond, get to the big game at home and redemption time. Its nice to be understimated at times. Bring it on!

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Well... being overrated most certainly hasn't worked. Why not go the other way.

Far too soon to predict 2022 even less so for 2023. Lots of time to build a team, I'm confident Hamilton will, I always hope to have 9 ( sometime soon 10) strong teams. That will make the CFL stronger, more popular and hopefully lead to stability.
Then seek Canadian expansion from a sound position.

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Much more than Masoli.
Last game he was injured.
And look what he did in beating the Argos in the East Final -
100% completions and a ball takeaway that had to be seen to be believed.
The year before- the whole Hamilton team played poorly because Winnipeg was so far superior.
I rest my case.

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Totally disagree that Evans is far superior. I would probably give a slight edge to Masoli, but Evans is younger. They are both fine QBs. Not much to choose between them.

The jury is still out whether Banks is done or not. 2022 will tell us how much of 2021 was injury or age but I think that it's clear that Banks is no longer the same MoP candidate that he once was, but if the price was right and I had a role for him, I'd take a flyer on him, why not?

Completely disagree that Acklin was a big loss. I don't consider him much of a loss at all. With the retirement of Tasker, the decline of Banks and the injury to Addison 2021 was his chance to step up and lead the group. He didn't really do that. White and Dunbar proved more clutch. He doesn't even help the ratio.

Addison is easily Hamilton's best receiver. That dude has a complete game and is a total beast. If he plays the whole year in '22 I expect him to put up Burnham-Ellinson-Wieneke numbers.