Ferguson: Envisioning Hamilton's Dane Evans era

to clarify it wasn't an interception, rather a reception and receiver dropped the ball.

but either way, it was the most boss play I've seen in many years.


Great for Dane, and the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

He injured his neck the week before and played through it, injured it again on an illegal hit.
Hardly fragile.

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Not to pick on your words... But not sure how much more "progress" we need to see.

He came in cold in 2019 and went 12-2, lost the Grey Cup.

Then started and finished 2 games this year, both against playoff teams. Won them.

Then came in cold in the East Final and went 16-16 for 250. Came back to win.

Then was injured in the 1st Qtr of the Grey Cup.

I'd say he's ready to lead a team.

You're right. Without Winnipeg's D he could have won 2 Grey Cups already.

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I agree with you there. Montreal has a strong run game and teams would have a hard time keying on either Stanback or Masoli. Jeremiah likes to throw the long ball and if he can get decent protection, would have time to chuck it downfield to guys like Eugene Lewis or Weineke. If Adams goes down during the season and Masoli is available for some reason, he could fit in well there.
But I still see Ottawa taking a run at signing him, possibly Argos.

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You would look pretty fragile yourself if you got pancaked on a double cheap shot the way that Dane did .


Yes I guess the Ticats had already progressed quite a bit in 2019 with Evans under centre. I'd go as far to say that your team looked darn near unstoppable. Then something unexpected happened. Collaros was miraculously given the opportunity to revive his career just in the nick of time and showed up at the Cup packing that terrifying defense of ours (like a gun to a knife fight). We had no business being there but somehow everything just 'fell into place'. Without Collaros and in particular without our 'D' (I'm agreeing with you here) Evans could have, maybe should have won 2 Grey Cups already.