Ferguson: Envisioning Hamilton's Dane Evans era

to clarify it wasn't an interception, rather a reception and receiver dropped the ball.

but either way, it was the most boss play I've seen in many years.


Great for Dane, and the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

He injured his neck the week before and played through it, injured it again on an illegal hit.
Hardly fragile.

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Not to pick on your words... But not sure how much more "progress" we need to see.

He came in cold in 2019 and went 12-2, lost the Grey Cup.

Then started and finished 2 games this year, both against playoff teams. Won them.

Then came in cold in the East Final and went 16-16 for 250. Came back to win.

Then was injured in the 1st Qtr of the Grey Cup.

I'd say he's ready to lead a team.

You're right. Without Winnipeg's D he could have won 2 Grey Cups already.

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I agree with you there. Montreal has a strong run game and teams would have a hard time keying on either Stanback or Masoli. Jeremiah likes to throw the long ball and if he can get decent protection, would have time to chuck it downfield to guys like Eugene Lewis or Weineke. If Adams goes down during the season and Masoli is available for some reason, he could fit in well there.
But I still see Ottawa taking a run at signing him, possibly Argos.

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You would look pretty fragile yourself if you got pancaked on a double cheap shot the way that Dane did .


Yes I guess the Ticats had already progressed quite a bit in 2019 with Evans under centre. I'd go as far to say that your team looked darn near unstoppable. Then something unexpected happened. Collaros was miraculously given the opportunity to revive his career just in the nick of time and showed up at the Cup packing that terrifying defense of ours (like a gun to a knife fight). We had no business being there but somehow everything just 'fell into place'. Without Collaros and in particular without our 'D' (I'm agreeing with you here) Evans could have, maybe should have won 2 Grey Cups already.


You can analyze the hell out the guy and his statistics, but it doesn't mean anything, he still has to go out there Play the game and win, that's what really matters. Hamilton made a huge mistake!! Everyone is all horny for Evans, ya he filled in nicely in 2019 when Masoli went down. 2019 we had a pretty good offensive line, and I think THEY made Dane look good! Put Evans behind Ottawas line, or Edmontons, Evans would fail horribly! I've seen this happen way too often, a guy takes over, plays decent football, with an excellent team, and people are wanting to promote him to starter! We don't know how Dane will hold up and play a full season. He could be one of those guys that have a good year then are just average after that good season. Masoli is a proven winner!!!! He came in and marched all over that field against an all-star defense. If we didn't concede that single point, we would still praising Jeremiah for finally bringing us a Cup! Now we not going to sign him over a guy that has played one year!! Are you kidding me! Prediction, Masoli goes to Ottawa and beats the hell out of us every game we play, for the next 5 or so years till he retires!! Stupid stupid move!!! Unless they have found a way to keep Masoli???? That is not completely out of the question, not likely but it could happen.

were you in Toronto for the ECF?

No I was not. I was banned because I refuse to be a guinea pig, so I just stayed home to watch

Well even if you watched it at home you would have saw Dane stepping up to bring us to the Cup.

If Masoli hadn't been turfed we could have watched the Argos in the GC.

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I know what you're going to say lol did you see how Dane played in the first quarter of the Grey Cup? He didn't look too good at all. I don't doubt he's a capable QB, but why gamble, Masoli is proven to be a very capable QB, every QB has bad games n bad plays. Masoli is a lot more experienced, he's a better runner, and I think he makes our offense less predictable, Masoli can call the QB keep and be successful, Dane will only take off if he's in trouble so defenses don't to worry about having to contain him or worry about him ripping off a 40 yard QB keep. Dane hasn't even played a full season, and when he did play and was successful he was playing with which was probably one of the best offenses in the league, so all the credit cannot go to Dane. He could be a flop! How many times have you seen guys have a good first year then they end up cut or back-ups! We made a huge mistake not signing Masoli, huge! Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

We don't need a "capable qb" (well, at least some of the fanbase anyway) we need a winning qb who can make the plays when it counts.

Masoli has had enough time and opportunities to prove himself.

he didn't.

and he's unemployed as a result.

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Unfortunately, I agree with you completely. It is a huge gamble, especially at 400K plus per year. Evans is anything but a sure thing. He's had a couple of impressive games over the past couple of years. He also had a winning season (in a very weak conference) supported by a stellar O-line, during Speedy B's MOP year. But he has been ineffective in two consecutive Grey Cup games and, like most CFL QBs, he has not escaped the 6-game injury list. However, what were the options? At least half the fanbase would not have tolerated the return of Masoli as a starter (even in a 2-QB format) despite the fact that he was just one bad coaching call away from being the 2021 Grey Cup hero. An interesting scenario to speculate upon: Had we scored the game-winning TD in those last seconds, with Masoli undoubtedly being named the game's outstanding player, how would management now be dealing with the situation. I wish both QB's the utmost success. I hope Masoli does not end up in my current hometown of Ottawa. I will forever remain a loyal Ti-cat fan, as I have since the late 50's, but it would be just a little too weird attending a Hamilton game here in Ottawa with Masoli as the REDBLACKS' starting QB.

You're crazy! Masoli hasn't signed anywhere yet because he's not vaccinated! He will sign somewhere, and he'll be going back to the Grey Cup before the Tigercats! I don't know the exact # but Masoli put together 5 300yd+ passing in a row!! He holds the CFL record for most pass completions in a row. You are focusing on all the negative, every QB throws int, every QB overthrows, every QB makes mistakes. Masoli had a rough start to this year, why !? Cause the offensive line was shit!! Dane wouldn't have done shit either! If you anything about football, you would know our line was terrible, and no QB is gonna have success if the defense is in the backfield 1 second after snap!!! Then you say Masoli won't have a job because he's no good!!?? Wow you really don't know shit about football do ya!? Jesus, Lol buddy Masoli ain't sweating it at all, he knows he going somewhere, probably already knows, and he knows he gonna get a good paycheck, then he will beat us every single time we play him! Tigercats made a massive mistake, and I'll be back here to serve you your giant plate of crow, how would you like that? Medium well!? You bring the red wine!

15-3 (11-2) is not just a "winning season". It's the best regular season in team history.

And go back and look at their record against the West. "Weak conference" doesn't apply when you're 15-3. It applies when you're 8-9-1 and win the East.

He's accomplished more in 1 full season + 4 starts in 2021 than any QB since McManus.

In the same post you credit the OLine and Speedy for his success and then say he played terrible in 2 Grey Cups?

How is this still even a discussion?

Dane came in after an 0-2 start and beat Toronto and Montreal.

Masoli went 0-3 against those same teams, and then was about to go 0-4 until Dane saved the team in the EF.

In 2019 as a rookie Dane put together 7/8 games with 300+, including 2 over 400, including a playoff Game and his only game without 300 yards was 277.

I'll never understand the committment to a lifetime .500 QB who's won nothing of any substance. Never won an East Final (Dane won 2).

It's this weird FOMO Ticats fans have every time we move on from a QB they're gonna be the next Calvillo. Hasn't happened, won't happen.

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