Ferguson: Envisioning Hamilton's Dane Evans era

When the Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced they’d extended Dane Evans on Wednesday night the team set its direction not just at quarterback, but for the franchise overall — at least — for the next two years.

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I envision inconsistency and a slide down the Eastern standings with Evans. Thanks for the breakdown Marshall, I would have never characterized someone “extremely effective”, when the stats show many 30 and 40% success rates.

Personally I think Hamilton just made a big boo boo here. At no point did I ever see Evans as better than Masoli. Hope Masoli goes to Ottawa & beats the crap out of Hamilton for the next few years.

I think (everyone cares what I think right?)... the opposite will happen. A productive off season will give Steinauer the opportunity to sift through last year's rubble and patch together a more robust roster. No more 'fragile this end up' turnstyles for Hamilton quarterbacks this year. Dane Evans won't be running for his life (even against our fearsome Bomber D) so I expect Dane Evans to carry on where he left off at the end of 2019 just before the Cup.

At the top of the heap.

Evans looked pretty fragile in the GC game wouldn't you say? Masoli put on a better show there than Evans.

Yes he did. But imagine what Dane Evans COULD'VE accomplished without all that constant heat our phenominally awesome defense kept bringing to his doorstep. Give him a full season to settle in behind a much improved offensive line and I think we'll all be impressed by Evans' progress.

Masoli is not a winner.

He is just a participant.

I'm tired with participation awards.

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Yup. We all care Maaax. I think the decision was pretty obvious. You have to go with Evans. Masoli appeared in 18 games the past 2 seasons, started 15. Getting older, more injuries happen. Is Evans more fragile than Masoli? Not convinced.

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Only time will tell on that, but I still want Masoli to shove his fist down Hamilton's throat(yeah, I'm a little mad about this).

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he very well may.

when a game isn't on the line, he generally looks great.

Our first game against the RB's is the middle of July, and will essentially be meaningless.

I bet Masoli would perform well under those conditions.

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Providing that's where he shows up . At the moment there is absolutely nothing to indicate that it's a given that Ottawa signs him .

He'll likely end up coaching a US High School team. Somewhere that feels vax status is the equivalent to the boogy man.



Maybe he'll take over Chris Jones old job at the high school he was coaching at .

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I'd be willing to wager real money(!) that Masoli isn't done with the CFL yet, he's definitely better than most of the current back-ups in the league.

that sounds like a good motto for him.

"definitely better than the current backups in the league".

If I was his agent, that would be my leading line.

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His agent is currently on the phone. Wonder how soon we'll get the answer to our musings.

Depends on which team Masoli signs with I guess. Ideally he needs to land in a system that would take advantage of his abilities to the fullest. That would be the team with the best ground attack. Ottawa had the worst rushing stats last season and no one knows what kind of defensive monster Chris Jones will build in Edmonton. Believe it or not... Montreal might be the best fit for Masoli right now.

Right now it seems that the CFL is in a massive 'musical chairs' game with QBs scrambling all over the place, & they're still signing more!

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I can't believe it but have to agree again on all counts. Masoli is a dual threat BUT his passing stats are meh. He had a great 2018 but, in his 18 starts the previous 2 years he averaged well under 200 yds/game. That's pretty mediocre over an extended stretch for a CFL QB. Masoli IMO runs too hot & cold. Too soon to know on Evans but he looks like the real deal to me.

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Evans is the only QB have seen who has tracked down his interceptor and re-taken the football (East Final 2021). Most QBS make a lame attempt to go after the defender. That play said a lot about his competitiveness IMO.

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