Ferguson: Don't count the REDBLACKS out yet

No, being demoted is a bigger kick in the nuts than being fired. A man wouldn't want to hang around seeing another do his job, that's cruel.

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It's time for something I guess. I'm still rooting for LaPo but at the same time I'm kinda relieved that he's not OUR head coach. I wonder if Bob Dyce would get the job done? Khari Jones might be available to come over from Hamilton if asked.

Farhan Lalji said Paul LaPolice is not getting fired during the season.

Justin Dunk likewise and further states that the Jeremiah Masoli injury (that is probably season ending) has given LaPolice a pass for rest of this year. Dunk believes the only way LaPolice gets fired is if he loses the locker room. Right now, the team seems to still be behind him and is competitive in their games.

LaPolice has a contract that runs through 2023.

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Yes the Redblacks have arsed away 1/3 of the season - though this last loss was as much on the command centre doofuses as on the team.
Still, I don't count them out becuase the CFL Least division is as bad as ever! An 0-6 Ottawa team is just two games out of a first round bye.

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YES! count them out!

No no... the Red Blacks are like 'Rocky'. They're down on the canvas beaten to a bloody pulp and half the audience (including his coach) is shouting, "STAY DOWN!!!"

And then after the fight they can be seen middle ring screaming "YO JEREMIAH ... WE DID IT !!!"

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Then from his hospital bed after the game bandaged head to toe Jeremiah asks Paulie, "How does my face look?"

Paulie replies, "I wouldn't want it." :grin:

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There's no doubt, that Adams' drop caused serious injury. Although it wasn't an easy catch to make.Nonetheless he is a professional player at the end zone alone with his team in need of a victory.