Ferguson: Don't count the REDBLACKS out yet

The pain was palpable exiting TD Place Thursday night as Ottawa fans left with a loss for the 17th time in their last 18 trips to a REDBLACKS home game.

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"Don’t count the REDBLACKS out yet"

I haven't and that's why I'm tanking in the GCC pool.


I think the message in the dressing room needs to be - we can't keep counting on last minute heroics to try to win games.....

The defense can't give up 40 points every game either. What is up with that?

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They are only 4 pts back from 1st

This is brutal for the coaching staff, Players, Owners, and fans, I as a fan have not thrown in the towel on this season just yet. But holly geez its frustrating

I thought Lapolice showed he was unfit when he decided to go for fg on a third and 1 from Montreal 32 yard line when Ott was up 7 -0.

Not suggesting that you always have to go for it,but yes on this case he showed poor judgment.

The fact that the fg missed has no bearing,if the third down gamble had failed,it still would have been the right call.

He is just too Conservative. Probably only reason he is not fired is because (am guessing) he has 3 year contract. I have answer for that also,CFL should have rule that forbids coaches getting a contract over 1 year that does not have a number of wins clause .Perhaps such as no wins in first 4 games gives owner option to void contract etc etc

Also a way around the current contract is for GM/owners to make decisions for him,perhaps bring in a OC,bring in consultants,if its too much for him to take,he can quit. We cant afford deadbeat coaches bankrupting CFL teams. He should never have received more than a 1 year contract,anything above that should have performance clauses that give team option to void

There are 12 games to play,if not firing PLP they can take some duties away from him,bring in OC and a consultant.


Thy need coaching help on defence. That secondary was way too soft last night....

certainly.... three games with the Argos between week 8 and week 16 and a home and home with the Elks could get them back in it. or fully bury them. the thing is there will probably be a western cross-over this season. I think the Argos are the best team in the east so far. Montreal and Hamilton have stretches where they look like contenders. but also take turns looking like garbage. o-6 may be too deep of a hole for Ottawa to dig out of. they just need to gut out a win to shake that losing atmosphere that seems to have enveloped them. I really thought last night was going to be the game. and then Adams drops a sure touchdown pass.


That field goal attempt on third and a bit more than one was uncharacteristically cautious. Lapo used to be more aggressive than that. I think he realizes that he's standing on shakey ground now.

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I agree with some help as far as OC goes for sure, to much on his plate


No team in the mighty east is out of it yet.

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Not even the mighty Red Blacks.

Although that could change 10 minutes from now. I'll keep you posted. :smiley: :+1:

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One solution: get rid of the American Kicker & find a QUALIFIED CANADIAN Kicker who is experienced with our game!

OUT !! yeah - this is the complete comment.

Yes, that Adams drop was brutal. I mean, it wasn't the easiest of catches to make, however he's a professional player standing by himself in the end zone with his team needing a win. I don't want to rag on him or the team, I like them both, but geesh ....

Strange as it may seem, Garret Marino may have saved Lapolice job and delayed the inevitable. As deflection of Ottawa's poor play was not the focus, Marino was, in the game at Regina. HC firing is inevitable now. Should have happened after the game in Regina. No one had the heart to do it after that game.

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That's an interesting possibility... 'a firing delayed due to an unforseen tragic event'.

A desperate LaPo might have to start running over his own players in the team parking lot at night to hang onto his job. If I was him I'd be handing out glow in the dark hats to his second and third stringers. No point mangling a starter.

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Time for Lapolice to be demoted to offensive coordinator and go upstairs to direct the offence from there and let Bob Dyce be in charge of the on field action.

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