Ferguson: Dissecting the QB performances from Week 9

After a Week 8 slate of games that saw high level execution, limited turnovers and the emergence of Caleb Evans as the man in Ottawa. Things took a turn in Week 9 and reverted back to the trends set through the first third of the season with BC Lions’ Nathan Rourke tearing up the Edmonton Elks, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats slinging it all over the place and Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ Zach Collaros finding a way to win, even on a difficult night.

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QB success requires receivers to catch what is thrown their way. These diagrams are great but they don't show how the receivers performed. I guess one could say the receivers must have performed ok if there was a completion, however some receptions required a great feat by the receiver to get a reception. Other Receptions were placed by the QB at a point that the receiver could't miss.