Ferguson: Dissecting the deep ball

In the final three game slate of 2022 we were without Zach Collaros as the bye week denied the Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ quarterback a chance to quickly answer for Winnipeg’s Week 15 loss in Hamilton.

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Always interesting. Also shows me why Calgary has been inconsistent this year and why Maier's passing numbers are "inflated". Look how short most of his passes are.
Once he gets to 10 yards plus downfield he was 3 of 8 with one interception.

Not gonna work well if you get behind on the scoreboard.....


i miss Nathan Rourke :sob:

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Squishy 21. Not sure who's chart is being shown labelled with Jake Maier's name but it is not Jake's chart. He didn't throw any interceptions and he only threw 6 incompletions all game.


hmmm nice catch @Stamps67. Ferguson was probably distracted by his kid again lol

doesn’t seem to match the boxscore game sheet - 2022-09-24 Game Tracker - Calgary Stampeders vs. BC Lions (6271) - CFL.ca

Nice catch.......I didn't remember him throwing a pic, but my memory doesn't work so good sometimes.

the chart legend even says no INTs, but then a 16 yard INT is plotted.

also Dane Evans’ chart doesn’t look correct either… :thinking:

Did a check on all the charts and most show more incompletions than the box score shows. Dane Evans also shows an interception he didn't throw and there are a couple that show less completions than the boxscore. Might have been distracted by kids as Gridirion Girl suggested. I know if I was plotting all those dots I'd probably go bug eyed and add or delete a few dots here or there. It's possible the general picture is somewhat accurate? I know Jake Maier had 294 yds with some pretty long completions including YAC yards so I'm not too concerned about him getting it done through the air. He had over 300 yards in each of his first starts last year, a first in CFL history, and has over or close to 300 yards in each start this year.

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Meant to say first 3 starts over 300 yds.

i guess it was his son’s birthday this week so i’ll give him a break lol