Ferguson: Digging into a great Masoli game

Consistency, accuracy and decision making are all crucial elements of a highly effective CFL quarterback.

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A writer who talks the talk, & who walked the walk, unlike most. Interesting to get an insiders opinion on a fellow QB. He calls a decent play by play as well, I suspect we'll hear more from him with Rod Blacks departure.


Recomended reading for @Garney_26 :grinning:

TSN's love affair with Masoli makes me laugh. For them it's all about throwing for 300 yds. in a game, the fact that they lose most of them seems secondary to all the geniuses at the network.

Sure winning is important but throwing over 300 yards is exciting and entertaining football - football is entertainment first - while winning is great, it is secondary to getting good ratings which football badly needs. Exciting plays bring in the fans, the money, not winning.

Masoli doesn't kick field goals. Masoli doesn't make tackles. Masoli doesn't play on the O-line. Blaming him for all of Hamilton's losses displays a significant incomprehension of the game of football.