Ferguson: Defining the Division Finals

Redemption. Validation. Dynasty. History.

These are the four defining themes I see when looking at the final four quarterbacks in the CFL as they enter the Eastern and Western Division Finals.

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Who do I got?

I’ll go out on a limb and take Collaros.

If he’s not a shoo in already a 3peat should guarantee him a spot in the HOF.


I am rooting for Nathan Rourke. with all due respect to the other three QBs, Rourke winning the Grey Cup would be great for him. It would also increase his chances of a tryout in the NFL . This could improve the image of the CFL and Canadians in both Canada and the States.

I don't see how any sane person bets against Winnipeg 3-peating and Collaros cementing his spot in as a future Hall of Famer. The other teams all have question marks and flaws. The Bombers have no flaws. If they lose, it will be because the other team puts on a superhuman, once-in-a-lifetime performance, or someone key (like Collaros) gets injured. Short of that, I fully expect to see Winnipeg hoisting the Cup yet again in a few weeks.


I gotta stand behind my man Rourke on this one.

But that said, I would be fine if the Bombers win this Sunday as long as Rourke finishes that game in one piece and comes back to the Lions next year with no limp and even more dangerous.

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No the CFL needs Rourke more than the NFL. He'd just be buried on the practice roster holding a clipboard. Doman has to sign the kid to a long term deal paying him as the highest paid QB in the CFL.

Even BLM realized that and committed to the Stamps and he a future HoFer. If Bo signed with Vikings at the time he'd out of the NFL selling insurance somewhere

Geez, I gotta remember on a CFL forum that BLM means Bo. :grinning:
As a Bomber fan, I am cheering for the Bombers. Having said that, I really believe that on any given day any one of these 4 teams could win it all. I hope that they are great games (semi's and Grey) and not determined by key injuries.


Agree that it would be great for the league if the Lions could sign Rourke long term. I’m not sure how it works because I know he can’t be given a raise next year because of the collective bargaining agreement. Can they sign him to an extension of his rookie contract or give him a new one starting after that contract is done?

As I’ve said before, his injury may be a blessing in disguise for the league as it may stifle NFL interest, at least for next season. Still, if he is good enough to play in the NFL I for one wouldn’t want to deny him his shot.

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I too hope Rourke stays in the CFL.
He'll be buried in holding a clip board like someone mentioned in this post. I would rather be a superstar with a good quality of life in a Canadian city, than a third stringer struggling in the NFL.
Not that I don't think he can make it down here, just getting lost in the amount of people trying out and already in the systems.
If Flûtie stayed he would have set even more records. Instead he helps Buffalo get to the playoffs and then totally dissed and sits the playoffs and a sidelined the rest of his career.
Stupid decision.
He could've probably owned pretty much every record the way he was playing.

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Doman will find a away.

Right now the CFL should look to keep their Canadian QBs to gain traction among casual Canadian football fans. It needs to make Tre Ford, Rourke's brother Kurtis faces of the league. Get these kids major Canadian sponsors like Subway(has with the Raptors' Barnes) to supplement their earning power to stay in Canada

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