Ferguson: Defence could be the key to Als taking next step

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No Ferg, special teams is the key to Montreal's success. They had the number 1 offense (besides Winnipeg I guess) certainly the number 1 run game and if not number 1 at least the most prolific vertical game, and they were strong on turnovers and led the league in sacks. They were let down on special teams.

Many other teams did well on their returns and when their returner got hurt they still did well (Hamilton, Sask, Calgary). That means that their return unit is strong as a whole. In Montreal, the moment that Alford went down, the whole return game went down with it. That means that their return unit has major issues.

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Correct. One thing I think Ferguson gets right is the raid on our defensive talent. No question we've lost a number of people on the defensive side of the ball. Yes, Maciocia has replaced some of them with quality (Ellis, Moore, and especially Richards), but it's legitimate to say we have a few questions marks in our LB corps and our secondary.

Yes they lost a couple of key guys but they also still have Sewell, Reid, Randle and Ackie.

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