Ferguson: Deciphering quarterback decisions

Another round of quarterback matchups produced some electrifying performances in the second week of regular season action.

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But who else does he have? He's kind of painted into a corner right now I'd say. Are super raw rookies his only alternative, or do we see a trade coming (Adams, anyone?). All moot for right now but the ice is pretty thin at QB in EE land. If Arbuckle gets hurt...?

I thought Arbuckle looked very good. But you asked who else do they have? Taylor Cornelius , yep he had some flash in dasterous last season. Would be foolish to not go and grow with Arbuckle

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Cody Fajardo is pretty damned good, that's what we've learned, but then we learned that 3 years ago.

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That's some aggressive passing by Dane Evans...did he average like 4 yards per pass?

He's my fave