Ferguson: Celebrating the CFL treasure that is Brad Sinopoli

I remember the first time I heard about Brad Sinopoli.

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My memory of Sinopoli was when he was in a exhibition game at QB for Calgary and just did a wonderful play calling drive for a TD .

Then Suitor tells the audience yah but he needs to throw the ball more instead of saying it was the right play calling that led to fantastic drive in order for there to be success .

Good on Huff to see Brad’s athletic ability but nothing I saw said he couldn’t QB at the CFL level it was more he couldn’t unseat Bo Levi as the heir apparent .

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I remember that too. Remarkable considering he only got something like 70 seconds to engineer the touchdown drive and show for the first time what he could do. He will be missed.

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You got to wonder about these talking heads in the booth sometimes. If this were an American QB, he would be praised for making the smart play, instead of forcing the ball into coverage.

I really hope O’Connor and Rouke are given an actual shot.

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Why not? Brandon Bridge was given many opportunities but just couldn’t make it as a starter. Andrew Buckley was a backup and had promise but he retired, no fault of the CFL.
I expect O’Connor and Rourke will be assessed just like any other QB.
I never want to see a QB given special treatment because they are Canadian, it’s the most important position on the field and it should always remain as the best possible QB available.

Their are some QBs who took years to succeed. Masoli and Adam’s are two of them. Canadian QBs are given a short leash in comparison to their American counter parts.


Yes they are, because they are not as good.

I'm a south of the border CFL fan and Sinopoli was one of my favorites. Class act all the way. He will indeed be missed.


Brad was a great player but "legend in the making" is somewhat of an exaggeration. Still, always a little sad to see a great player hang them up.