Ferguson: Breaking down the free agent quarterbacks

’Tis the season for Will Ferrell-Ryan Reynolds Christmas movie viewing, avoiding that final emergency trip to the mall before Christmas at all costs and big CFL decisions.

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Well, that wasn't particularily enlightening.

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Well as for Mitchell I will say this. He is not going to be a ticat! It is a waste of time pursuing him. He wants to play for a western team since he is from out west. Ticats need to sign someone that want to be here in Hamilton.

It's all the same as it has been since the start of the playoffs.
We know who they are.
Nobody has signed anyone.
TiCats splashed for rights to negotiate with BLM.

Nothing changes until somebody signs someone.....

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No - No - MBT does NOT get his "dues" or whatever.
If he stays in the game - the Argos lose in 2022 - NO QUESTION
Chad Kelly is who won the Game - and he is the future for the Argos - MacBeth should retire or take his lousy game and attitude somewhere else.
And I think Arbuckle is still WAY better than an old fat Masoli - and Evans just had a horrible year.

Hey - just my Opinions.

I agree on your point about Arbuckle.
I’d like to see Schiltz back in Montreal, as well.

I'm still trying to figure out which Arbuckle is the real one - the uninspired mostly blah player Edmonton traded and that played for LaPoilce or the one who played for Bob Dyce at the end of the season......

IF Hamilton doesn't lock him up before free agency Schiltz would be a good fit a lot of places. I think he could be a starter in the CFL.

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Defnately. When Bo went down, he was stellar coming off the bench. Then he went to Edmonton and Ottawa, where the protection and receiving corps etc. weren’t the best.
I would take him on the Als big time.

Isn't BLM from Texas?
Not sure where the "from out west" observation comes from.


Arbuckle is the definition of suck. BLM is washed and broken down. Fajardo is, well Fajardo. and why is Will Arndt trying to play again?

anyways, more new fresh younger quarterbacks please. out with the old and mediocre garbage. also, enough with the win-now-only mentality.


I will agree to some degree. Since the Elks were trapped under the coaches cap last year its obvious some coaches were filling multiple positions, as can be noted in that the Elks did not release an OLine coach but just hired and OLine coach.

It's obvious to fans that this coaching cap needs fixing because it hurts the quality of play. There needs to be some allowance for firing or releasing coaches. I find it utterly ridiculous that you would punish a team for firing or removing a poor coach. Which if you read between the lines is what happened with the Elks. Coaches took the dirty end of th stick just to have what we had last season and there was no OLine coach, no special teams coach, and they were short of other position coaches as well.

Maybe what we need to do is tie the Executive Salaries to the lowest paid head coaches salary..........

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Yeah but playing 12 years for Calgary, he and his wife got a place out west. Duh!

Agreed Squishy. Until somebody signs THIS free agent QB to run their offense... Nothing changes:

Quote I read was " He wants to play for a western team since he is from out west"
He is not FROM out west. DUH

And you say he wants to stay out west like you know something.

BLM came with his wife to visit Hamilton and there is a very good chance he signs in Hamilton regardless of your assumption.

You are right and that is why he is not willing to sign with Ticats and wait until February and see other offers from the other teams! He and his wife live in Calgary all year long. We will see in February when he is not sign with Ticats and you will look silly!