Ferguson: Breaking down the Divisional Finals QBs

Well, that was an interesting couple of hours.

After a week’s worth of researching McLeod Bethel-Thompson’s tendencies, targets and approach to the CFL in 2021 I — like many of you — was stunned to learn his availability might be under question for a COVID protocol violation.

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IT'S fortunate that Mcbeth can play in the Eastern-Final and that, a few days were available to penalize him, to enable the esteemed Mcbeth on his football journey. What a sad eastern-Final it would be without this big-hearted, tough leader to propel the double-blue to a great game. Without Mcbeth the Argos would be rudderless and crash headlong into a monolithic rock, the Tiger-Cat front-four and the game a dismal failure for the Argos while being a certain win for the Cats.

He is a tough, big dude but he must have near-fainted when he found out he may not be able to play in the Eastern final. A nightmare for the proud quarterback.

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Hoping Fajardo can quiet the talk about all the things he can't do. He is as tough a competitor as there is in the CFL. Comparable to Mike Reilly in that regard. This will be no lack of effort on the Riders part, let the chips fall where they may. Go Riders, Go Huskies!