Ferguson: Breaking down the Argos-Ticats' matchup

In a shortened CFL season it’s reasonable to expect some chaos. Less games means each one means more. Combine that with the schedule being pushed further back in your calendar than normal and it takes some adjustment as a fan.

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Marshall Ferguson and his Graphs!!! Love it! Finally a CFL commentator who not only understands the Game, he can graph it and explain the X’s and O’s.
A fresh face and a fresh perspective. MF is the best since Chris Schultz (may he Rest In Peace).


I am looking forward to this game, should be a playoff feel to it. I think the Ticats have the better QB and are peaking at the right time. I give them a slight edge.
Calgary - BC, another really good match up. BC has experienced more bad luck this year than possibly any other team. By that I mean just weird stuff. Like the head set incident in Hamilton. But the kicking game has cost them a few games as well. I am going to predict a last second win by BC at home. They have to win for any playoff hope. I think they may just squeak one out. (if Burnham plays).

The Toronto Argonauts are at home in Week 15 versus the Hamilton Tiger Cats. Let's not forget the Argos are coming off two 4-14 seasons(2018-2019) The Argos are undefeated at BMO in 2021. They control their own destiny for first place with a win or tie. That is more than enough motivation for me, also Masoli has not beaten the Argos since July 2019. :star_struck: :blue_heart: :tiger: :hash: :one: :bangbang:

Week 14 clinch Cats-2021

Agree 100% with ticats 28. Ferguson is an excellent addition and I miss the big man too. Looks the panel has relaxed a bit as well... The first few games, Milt was the only guy that could string a sentence together :joy:; maybe a function of lack of ore season games or stiff direction.
Annnnyway, we're back to normal.
Ticats are rounding into form while the Argos seem to be struggling a bit. If it wasn't for Law, a one man wrecking crew, they would have lost to lowly Ottawa.
Go Ticats :slight_smile:

I'm not just saying this because I'm a Ticat fans, but I think Toronto is highly overated, if not for the the 2 1 pt wins vs Ham, Tor would be 6/6, which is about where they should be. They had a very close win vs BC, and again vs Ott last week, 2 teams they should've easily beat if they were a true 8-4 team. I think Hamilton will prove thison Friday. I think Hamilton has resolved their early and mid season troubles and have been playing alot better football than Toronto. Masoli looks great, Bethel Thompson throwing tons of INTs, and the cats defense looks to be solidifying quite nicely. I am going to guess cats win 33-19