Ferguson: Bombers stepping into a dangerous BMO Field

One of the great advantages that comes with a nine-team league is rivalry. When teams play each other consistently and are always at odds for playoff seeding, dislike for the other side will naturally grow.

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Should be a good game and if the Argos should win I wouldn’t be totally surprised.

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The dangerous part of BMO Field is in the area where you find empty seats! ALWAYS try to avoid the empty seat area at BMO Field!!!

(we will repeat this message every 30 minutes)

I mean Harris could run for 100+ yards if the Argos could only find him some more of those "accidently tainted" male enhancement supplements he was taking to get him back into his old form.


So how do they think a bigger d*** is going to get Andrew Harris to run faster? If anything it might cause him to fall forward more often.

Its a joke when he tested positive for P.E.D. he tried to claim it was a tainted batch of male energy supplements.

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How's Can't Pee Leonard doing this year? Been tested yet?

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Multiple times from my understanding and no issues. I'll believe a player was massively dehydrated and had trouble providing a urine sample after playing a game in the heat for hours over a "tainted male energy supplement"

Only lesson learned is that its better to decline a test. ACL is as guilty IMO as Harris is.
And who's the homer now?

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Well you can have the opinion that he's just as guilty but Harris is the one with multiple positive tests. And nothing to do with being a homer I absolutely hate when players juice to try and get the edge it is a garbage part of the game, that I'm about 100% positive most players do. He should have owned up to it is why I like to make fun.

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Be careful what you do while eating a "Tainted Batch of Male Energy Supplements",otherwise this can happen:

At least you can say most do, but I do find it funny that you'll accept ACL's excuse.

If he had tested positive I would have been all over him but I do get him being massively dehydrated. Like if you listen to how they perform the test they give you one small cup of water and then are like...ok pee. If you didn't get enough liquid before you could easily be way too dehydrated to pee and then he got frustrated so yeah. But will we ever know for sure, nope! He will be tested constantly for the rest of his career so guess just see how much his game goes down now. It definitely did for Harris once he got caught and had to stop (or modify his juicing too much for it to be beneficial)

Yup it definitly went down as he ran his way to Grey Cup MVP. Come on man.

That’s the rule. It’s not possible to argue otherwise. It’s exactly the same as refusing a breathalyzer. You are just as guilty as testing over .08. It can’t be otherwise or suddenly “dehydration” would become the curse of many players. Leonard is as guilty as Harris.

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I argued this right when it happened, and fans all told me I was over reacting. But reality is, why would any guilty player willingly submit a sample now?
Precedent has been set.

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I love messing with Bombers fans over this...primarily because Riders fans don't really care about either suspension...but the Bombers built their whole identity off of Harris and the fact that your Grey Cup MOP was juicing definitely hurts and it's mmmmm delicious

Yes, the fact the Harris won MVP definitly hurts, lol. Are you for real?
And you cannot tell me you don't care about either suspension, that is a bold face lie.

No couldn't care less about either like I said before I'm pretty positive that juicing in the CFL is incredibly common. And yep it does hurt I live in Winnipeg and the amount of outrage and people hurt that their golden boy (pun intended) might be juicing was palpable. On the other hand most Rider fans were just annoyed that he got suspended for a couple games considering how good of a year he was having.

You can tell yourself that, but thats not what your posts say.