Ferguson: Bo or McBeth? Seeking FA's biggest story

Here we are, less than a month away from CFL Free Agency opening on Valentine’s Day and months past Bo Levi Mitchell’s rights being acquired by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

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The Cats have had their fill of pouty crybaby players. Go with BLM.

TiCats haven't taken 1 guy off their FA list to date so your comments are pertinent. Argos have been relatively quiet too as has the other team looking @ a new QB - the Riders. They still have 36 unsigned plus need to find a handful of coaches.

IMO all 3 teams have an interest in Bo. Bo's best option, if McBeth stays home, is Toronto - for many reasons. They are the champs & Bo wants to win, above $$ even. He knows the offensive system & there are lots of Stamp connections there. Another year backing up would be good for Kelly.

If McBeth retires I'm not betting the farm that the Argos hand the job to Kelly or that Bo signs in Hamilton. The big question is, when do we know what McBeth does? As for Evans? If Bo signs elsewhere Evans & Fajardo changing dance partners would save face for both players & both teams. Evans is under contract with the 'Cats so I personally would swallow my pride & keep him.

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I would even bring Fajardo in to run a 2 QB system with Evans in Hamilton.

I don't think that will happen. If Bo doesn't sign, the most likely outcome in Hamilton IMO would be they sign Fajardo & trade Evans to the Riders. If Bo signs, they will try to trade Evans for a draft pick to the Riders. The draft is very deep this year & the TiCats traded their 2nd rounder for Beard & 3rd rounder for Bo. Riders do have the option of signing Fajardo but they likely don't want to go there. Or pry Kelly out of Toronto for draft picks if McBeth re-signs. But getting Evans will cost them a pick, likely in the 2nd or 3rd round. The TiCats' draft lot this year isn't good.

I see no advantage, given that Evans is under a big contract, that they would sign Fajardo as well. Fajardo wants to start so why sit behind a younger QB when he could carry a clipboard in Mtl behind Harris who turns 38 in May? And if the TiCats have to stick with Evans, why would he re-negotiate his contract?