Ferguson: Awe consistent in the middle of Stamps' defence

Sit down with Calgary Stampeders middle linebacker Micah Awe and you quickly understand you’re face-to-face with a unique and talented individual. 

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dirtiest player in the league bar none. dude should be shovelling manure with Marino.

he’s going to really hurt someone bad one of these days the way he torpedoes helmet first.

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When did he play for WPG? I don’t remember him ever playing?
Had it look it up on Wiki, WPG signed him in 2020, but he didn’t play a game (no season) and he was released in 21.

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He has always bashed people with his helmet. He’s dirty but bighill tries to hurt people too, bulldogging them on the ribs. Marino is gone and Awe should be too. What ever happened to tackle the guy, help him up and next play.–Nope, they want the QB out!

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Very similar player to Simoni Lawrence. Both are excellent players who play on the edge sometimes. Simoni has gotten better over time, Awe hasn’t done so yet. Hope he gets his stuff together before he really cripples someone.