Ferguson: All-Star is a validation of excellence

As the regular season weeks countdown to increasingly anticipated playoff matchups we also near award season. It’s a time when individual excellence from across the CFL gets recognized and debated from coast-to-coast.

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Interesting choice for your photo being of an o/s DT. Among D MOP’s the recipients are overwhelmingly chosen from the LB (predominantly MLB) & DE positions. Likely because stats like DT’s are racked up by LB’s who patrol that area 3-12 yds behind the LOS where the avg pass goes & the avg run ends. And DE’s have the best chances to get sacks, not having to work through the middle of the DL where the best DT’s often are double & triple teamed. Ultimately the “job” is to end the play so these stats do represent how well those players accomplish that.

When you have had DT’s like Micah & Sewell, 2 of the best in their prime, put up double digit sack #'s in some years, very rare for that position with the attention they get from the big men on the OL, it’s a shame that doesn’t warrant the attention it deserves.

Of the 48 recipients of this award, 26 are LB’s, 18 are DE’s & only 4 are DT’s. The most ill represented are DB’s where only Jovon Johnson has received one.

I would be shocked if Betts this year doesn’t represent the West & it would be a well deserved honour. Playing for BC helps. Playing for the Elks doesn’t. But when a DT puts up double digit sacks, along with 45 DT’s from that position, it is nice to see that he garners billing as the poster boy on this article. Well done, Marshall.