Ferguson: A look at one of the best to carry the rock

What is the true value of a running back in the modern CFL?

Yes, they can pound the rock for you on second and short and occasionally they’ll pop a screen pass for big yardage in a game-changing display of burst and vision but how do you know when YOUR running back is special and worth investing in?

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I'm really happy that Huff got Carey extended for 2 additional years. I saw Carey perform in 2019 before his injury and could tell during his short audition that the Stamps had finally found a real replacement for Cornish. This past Season proved me right. The really great thing too is that Carey with his constant cheerful attitude each day infects the rest of the team and increases the moral of the whole team. When a team rides high they perform high. Carey's high performance is just the icing on the cake. 2022 is going to be the rise of the Stampeders from the slight and short success dip experience the last 2 seasons. IMO, Ka'Deem Carey, is the man over any other in the league to help make that happen.

Well now he's probably the most over payed to ever to "ever carry the rock."

What's he making? More than $200K? Less? Inquiring minds want to know.

Hufnagel is not known to overpay any player. He did bend over the normal wage limit for a player when he extended Mitchell because other teams were willing to pay a fortune for him. Toronto offered Mitchell around $900,000 which Bo turned down because he wanted to stay in Calgary. Other Great talented players have left the Stamps because Hufnagel wouldn't give them a huge increase.
I seriously doubt Carey got a huge increase out of Hufnagel. More likely he stayed because the Organization was good to him and the increase was reasonable. John Hufnagel has been quoted to say "if you are looking to get rich playing football you are best to sign with another team."

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Only John Hugnagel could say something like, "if you want bigger muscles from exercising you are best to sign with another gym." Any lesser GM would see a mass exodus of players for greener pastures. :grin:

According to Farhan Lalji he’s making $130K in hard money per season plus incentives.

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Thank you for that. I guess if Carey lights it up this season (rushing leader, all-star) he'll get closer to that $200K mark.

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